How to Fix Zoom Error Code 614

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Errors always bother you no matter what the application is for. People use the Zoom application to do many things including the recording of a video conferencing or meeting. Users record a meeting to share somewhere or to see that meeting in the future, but what if, you face an error, when you go to record a meeting? Zoom Error Code 614 is related to this but you know, you can fix this error code. In this guide, we will tell you all about this error code including the easy solutions to fix this.

What does Zoom Error Code 614 mean?

Zoom Error Code 614 means the program didn’t find enough disk space to convert and save your recording. In other words, this error code indicates that there is not enough free space is available on your disk to save the recording. Some bugs in your PC can also cause this error code if you are getting this error code on your PC.

If there is no issue with your PC, then you can try the below-mentioned methods to fix this error code. 

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 614

As this is an issue related to disk space, you can simply fix this by making some space on the disk. To fix Zoom Error Code 614 you have to free some disk space and you can do this by doing the following workarounds:

  • Uninstall the unused programs or applications.
  • Try to convert the recording Manually.
  • Clear temporary files from your system and Empty Recycle bin.
  • Run zTscoder.exe through CMD.

Uninstall the unused programs or applications

Sometimes, we install some software and programs on our system to use them, but after some time, we do not. These programs cover space on the disk. These programs need to be uninstalled to free the disk space.

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and Feature from the appeared window.
Uninstall the unused programs or applications to fix Zoom Error Code 614
  • Now, select the program that is not necessary for you and click on the uninstall to uninstall it.
  • You can uninstall many programs which are not necessary to you by selecting one by one. By doing this, some disk space will be free. 
  • Now, try to save the recording.

Try to convert the recording Manually

You can try converting your video recording Manually if the Zoom failed to convert it.

  • Open the Zoom Desktop Client and click on the meeting option.
  • Now, select the recorded option.
  • Next, select the local recording and hit the convert button.

Clear temporary files from your system and Empty Recycle bin

Clearing temporary files from your system can help to resolve the Zoom Error Code 614. Here are the steps to clear the temporary files from your system:

  • Open Run Dialog Box.
  • Type- %temp% in the search bar and click on the OK button.
Delete Temporary files
  • All temporary files will appear in the next window, select them all using the Keyboard Shortcuts and delete them all.
  • Don’t forget to empty recycle bin as the all deleted files stored in the recycle bin folder.

Run zTscoder.exe through CMD to fix Zoom Error Code 614

This method is last on this article but you can use this to resolve the issue if the above methods don’t work. First, you would have to add a path that leads to zTscoder.exe then you can run the command prompt.

  • Follow Control Panel=>System and Security=>System.
  • Now, click on Advanced System Settings and select the Advanced section.
  • Next, click on the Environment Variables.
  • A new window will appear, click on the New and add the path-


  • Now, open Command Prompt as admin and copy-paste the following command in it:

cd C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin

Note: Here User name is your real user name, so don’t forget to replace it with.

  • Now, enter the following command to start the manual video conversion process:

start zTscoder.exe “C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Zoom\VideoFilePath”

Note: Here replace VideoFilePath with your real username. Keep attention to the structure of command. Enter the start, then add zTscoder.exe=> add the path to the video that you want to convert.

That’s all about Zoom Error Code 614. Hope this error has been fixed now. Thanks…

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