Paramount Plus Error Code 1204 – Fix it in Minutes

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Have you just tried to stream or play your favorite show, video, or movie on Paramount Plus and error code 1204 doesn’t let you enjoy it? Don’t worry the same issue has happened to many, the error 1204 prevents them from streaming content on the platform.

The error is very new and doesn’t have any official information such as why this is appearing and what users should do to rectify it.

Understanding the Paramount Error Code 1204

Error code 1204 on Paramount Plus refers to a problem with the service’s authentication or login process. Incorrect account credentials, temporary connectivity issues, or problems within the Paramount Plus servers may cause this error.

An outdated app version or a VPN can also lead to this error. 

Troubleshooting Paramount Error Code 1204

How To Fix Paramount Plus  Error Code 1204

There are several ways that you should try until the problem is resolved. Here are these ways that you can try. 

Make Sure Your Internet is Stable and Strong

Check whether your device is connected to a strong and stable internet. 

  1. You can perform a speed test to ensure that you have an internet of good or poor speed.
  2. You can launch any other application or website.
  3. Restart your router or disconnect your device and reconnect with the internet.
  4. If you have any other internet option, switch on that.

Check Your Login Details

Verify if you have entered the right login details. If there is any typo error, the error 1204 can be seen to irritate.

Clear Browser’s Cache & Cookies Data

If you are using the Paramount Plus website and getting the error 1204 then, might be there an issue with the data stored by your browser. Clearing the browser data (Cache & cookies data) might help overcome the irritation.

Other Things to Do

Start from starting: close the Paramount Plus app and shut down your device, power up your device again, and launch the app again.

Update the Paramount Plus app whether you are using it on your mobile or smart TV.

Avoid using a VPN or any Proxy software to avoid any error.

If the error code persists, go get help from the support team.


What should I do if error code 1204 persists despite trying the troubleshooting steps?

If the error continues, don’t waste time, try to connect with the Paramount help center. 

Should I disable VPN software while using the Paramount Plus app or website?

Yes, Paramount Plus serves content to some specific demographic area. A VPN software may affect its services as a result you may see an error like 1204. So, while you are enjoying the Paramount Plus app, disable your VPN or proxy.

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