How to update your Chrome Browser to the latest version

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How to update Chrome OS: Google chrome is the world’s largest web and app browser which is used by people to search their daily needs online. It releases updates from time to time to make this browser more effective and attractive to its users. Sometimes, it updates automatically if we allowed it to do so, but sometimes it needs manual action to update it. 

When users need to update it manually, this can be quite difficult if you don’t know how to do it. But, if you are on this webpage, means you do not need to worry. Here in this guide, we will explain how you can update or check it to its latest version.

How to update your Chrome Browser

Keep updating your Chrome browser from time to time to make it better to use, and improve its functionality. Sometimes, this helps you to prevent several errors too. An updated Chrome browser can also help to use its new features like the Reading list feature and so on. The reading list feature can be used if you are using version 89 or higher. 

Let’s start: how you can update your Chrome OS

  • First of all, open Chrome browser, and click on the three dots which are at the top right corner of the appearing screen.
  • Now, move your mouse cursor on the help option from the list. A new list will appear with three options, click on the About Google Chrome option.
How to update your Chrome OS
  • As you click on the About Google Chrome option, a new window will open, and google will start checking for updates automatically.
How to update your Chrome OS
  • If any update is available it will update automatically, and show you that Google Chrome is up to date.
How to check your Chrome OS
  • Make sure you are not using Incognito mode because it won’t be updated if an incognito window is open.
How to check  your Chrome OS
  • If it is open, then first close incognito mode, then click on the relaunch button to update it to the newest one.

That’s all about how to update Chrome OS. Hope this is helpful to you.


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