Zoom Error Code 2011: Know How to Fix this Error

Hey! Are just going to log in to the zoom app and getting a Zoom Error Code 2011 on your screen? Do not worry, we have explained some information and solutions to fix this error code. But if we gather a better knowledge of any error code, this helps us to implement the right solution for that. So, firstly we will explain all about the appearing error code, then we will go to the solutions. If you have a good understanding of this error code, you can directly switch to the solutions. 

What indicates Zoom Error Code 2011?

Zoom Error Code 2011 on the screen indicates that you are using the wrong sign-in method and you have to use Single Sign-On (SSO) method to sign in. In other words, if you are trying to access the zoom account through the regular sign-in method while the meeting is using the SSO login system, you may face this error code.

Many businesses and schools don’t use a standard zoom account but they use the Single Sign-on method. So if you are getting this error code on your screen, you have to use the SSO link to login into the Zoom application.

How to fix Zoom Error Code 2011

Companies, businesses, and schools use the SSO login using their own emails. So, you must verify that you are using the right credential or not. If you are using Gmail, Hotmail, or other personal accounts to sig-in then you should cross-check once. 

Below, we have provided how you use the SSO link to sign-in, please follow the steps:

Sign in with SSO Link

To prevent this error code, you have to use the SSO link to sign in, steps are given below:

For Zoom Web Portal

  • Click on the Vanity URL.
  • Next, click on the Sign-in button.
  • From here, you will redirect to the SSO provider to Sign in, and after sign-in, you will again redirect to the Web portal.

For Zoom Desktop Client

How to fix Zoom Error Code 2011
  • On the main Zoom sign-in screen, select the Sign in with SSO option.
  • Now, type the company domain here. If you don’t know the company domain, then simply you can click on the link- I do not know the company domain. 
fix Zoom Error Code 2011
  • If you click on the second option, you have to enter your email.
  • Next, click on the continue button.

For Zoom Mobile Application

  • Open Zoom application on your Mobile.
  • Select, SSO option to sign-in.
with SSO in mobile
  • Now, type the company domain name. If you don’t know the company domain name click on the option- I do not know the company domain and enter your email ID here and click on the continue option.

If you are still getting the issue, then maybe some other problem is happening. 

You Must know

Zoom does not manage single sign-on accounts. The single sign-on accounts of schools, businesses, and companies are managed by a third party that means if the server of that third party goes down, SSO users will face trouble log-in into the accounts. This can happen if there is no issue with the Zoom application. 

So if you have followed the above all steps and the issue persists yet, you should crosscheck the credentials once and should contact the support that administers the SSO.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I fix error 2011 on Zoom?

To fix this error code Sign in with SSO Link. Read this guide from the beginning as this is related to How to fix zoom error code 2011. You will get the methods to Sign in with SSO for Mobile application, Zoom web Portal and Zoom Desktop client.

How do you update zoom?

To update your Zoom application click on the profile and a list of options will open, click on the check for updates option and if there will be any update available, click on the update option and your application will update.

Do I need to update zoom?

The answer of this question is “Yes”, the reason behind this is, the zoom releases new updates to make its performance and security better to its users. So, of course, to use the new benefits and features you should update it from time to time.

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