How to FIx Zoom Error Code 1054

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Zoom is quite popular among professional as well as personal work as this application provides video conferencing, chat, and meetings. But sometimes this application throws error codes to its users and these errors bother them. Zoom Error Code 1054 is one of these error codes and This error code is bothering users from all over the world. Hopefully, the good news is that this can be resolved easily. Here in this guide, we will explain how?

What is Zoom Error Code 1054?

Zoom Error Code 1054 indicated that the password of your zoom account has been expired. Zoom account password expires automatically after the specified number of days set by you during creating an account on it. You have to change or update your zoom account password to fix this error code. You can increase the limit of expiration days by 1, 2, 3, or 4 months.

Expiration of the zoom password is necessary when it comes to security. This means, to increase the security of your account, the zoom does this. If any other person knows your password accidentally, then he can misuse your account. To prevent this type of misuse of your account you should update your account password from time to time, and if somehow, you forgot to update it, it automatically expires.

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How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1054

If this error code is bothering you and you want to resolve this, then you have to update your password. After updating you can increase its expiration limit too. Now, if you know how to update or change your zoom account password, you can skip this guide, and if you don’t, then we have explained the steps to update or change the password below.

How you will change Password in Zoom

You have to follow the below-mentioned easy steps if you want to change the password of your Zoom account.

  • Click on the sign-in option and then on Forgot password option.
How to change Password in Zoom
  • Now, this will ask you to enter your resisted mail id to send a reset password link on this.
  • Enter the email ID and click on the Captcha and then click on the send button.
How to change Password in Zoom to fix Zoom error code 1054
  • Now, a reset password link will be sent to the entered email ID. Make sure you have entered a registered mail only.
  • Next, go to your mail inbox and click on that link, this will redirect to the password reset page. From here choose your desired password and click on continue.
  • Now, try to sign in to your account using the new password.

This will resolve your issue definitely. Hope this article helped you to get rid of the Zoom Error Code 1054. You can read our zoom error guide to fix other zoom errors.

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