Fix: Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030 [A Simple Guide]

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Microsoft Teams users might be frustrated due to many login errors. Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030 is one of these errors. Instead of irritating, this error can waste much time. So without sacrificing more time, let’s troubleshoot this.

First, let’s understand what this error code means.

What does Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030 indicate?

Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030 commonly appears during the login and indicates malfunctioning of your computer’s TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Additionally, this error code may also appear while accessing Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook or Microsoft Teams). For knowing better, the message  “The device that is required by this cryptographic provider is not ready for use” may be associated with the Error code.

Is Error Code 80090030 Microsoft Office 365 Error, or of MS Teams only?

Some users are getting this error code while they are accessing outlook and some when Microsoft Teams. Don’t confuse, as usually, Error Code 80090030 may appear while accessing any product of Microsoft Office 365 like MS teams and Outlook. So you can also call this error is Outlook Error.

Image 1: (MS Teams)

Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030

Image 2: (MS Office 365)

MS Office 365 Error Code 80090030

Fix: Microsoft Teams Error Code 80090030

Remove Teams Login Information from the Credential Manager

  • Open credential manager. (Type- credential manager in windows search and hit Enter button)
  • Now, select Windows credentials and when scrolling down, you will see your Teams credentials.
  • Select login information and delete them by clicking on the Remove button.
  • Now, restart your PC, and see if the error is not appearing again when you are going to log into MS Teams.

Note: The same steps can be applied if this error code is appearing during outlook login. But, instead of clearing MS Teams Credentials, you have to clear out Outlook credentials.

Update the TPM Firmware

Note: If you are going to update your TPM firmware then, first, you have to update your Windows version.

  • Now, follow this path- Update & Security → Windows Update and then, click on Check for updates option.
  • After installing the latest Windows update, access your device manufacturer’s website, and install the latest TPM from here. Additionally, you can follow this official guide by Microsoft to know more about TPM.

Create A new Users Account

This can help as a new account has new login credentials. So you have to do this if the error is still not fixed. Here is an official guide from Microsoft to create a new users account. You can follow this guide for more detail.

Note: Before going to do this, you should check if you can log in to your account in an incognito window. 

Additionally, you should also clear your browser’s cache as sometimes, some cache files may also cause this error.

Uninstall and Reinstall Teams

As a last option, you can go for an uninstall and reinstall of the Microsoft Teams.

  • Click on Uninstall program then, select MS Teams from the list and right-click on it, and select Uninstall.
  • Now, Access this official link to download a fresh copy of MS Teams.

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