Amazon Prime Error Code 4924 [Fix Using Simple Steps]

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Amazon Prime Error Code 4924 indicates a content downloading issue. Make sure that your device and the application have their latest version. Additionally, some other reasons may also cause this error code. Let’s discuss all these possible causes and their solutions.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 4924?

Some simple tasks are present whenever this error code triggers. Let’s apply these actions and fix this error code from your screen.

Internet connections should be checked

Mostly, a downloading error appears when the device detects a weak internet signal. So make sure a good internet connection is present while you are going to download something on your amazon prime account. The speed of your internet matters, so test it and try again if it is good.

Power Cycle your Device

Unplug your device and wait for 3 minutes and then replug it. If you are using a mobile device, then turn it off for 3 minutes, and then turn it back ON. Usually, power cycling your device takes a fresh start that usually helps in fixing many downloading issues. So you can try this as a solution to fix the Amazon Prime Error Code 4924.

Stop other internet Activities while downloading

Many devices are connected to a single internet source (router) so that the speed spreads in many parts. This does weak the signal, so try to disconnect other devices while trying to download content from your amazon prime account.

Update your device and the application

Amazon Prime Error Code 4924

Always try to use an updated version of your device and the application as well. An outdated version should be updated to its latest version. So, if your device is running into an outdated version, update it to its latest version and try again. Additionally, check if the application needs an update.

Uninstall and reinstall

If nothing helps, uninstall the amazon prime application and then reinstall it. This may help to fix the Amazon Prime Error Code 4924. After uninstalling, install its official website and for mobile users, go to the app store or play store and install its fresh copy and try again.

Concerning getting more details, you can also take the help of Amazon Prime Support.

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