Amazon Prime Error Code 9912 [Fix in Minutes]

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Dealing with an error code may wait your much time if a good solution is not available. Many users are dealing with an Amazon Prime Error Code 9912 and getting frustrated with the lack of a good solution. Mostly, this error is appearing on the Fire TV screen. 

However, we have collected some useful tips and methods to help you in fixing this temporary error. Let’s start troubleshooting this error code and first of all, let us explain what this error code is?

What is Amazon Prime Error Code 9912?

Amazon Prime or FireTV Error Code 9912 indicates a temporary service issue. This can be easily resolved by updating your Fire Tv or amazon application, or sometimes both. Additionally, troubleshooting your internet connection, performing a power cycle of your device, and clearing the cache may also help to fix the issue. 

Additional Tip: Using a Proxy service or a VPN may also cause this error code, as they can block some files, as a result, you may face the error. So if you have any, disable it and then try to stream your video on Prime.

Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9912: Explained Methods

Amazon Prime Error Code 9912

Steps you have to do when seeing Amazon Prime Error Code 9912 on Fire Tv:

  • Check for an Update (Fire TV and Amazon App).
  • Troubleshoot your Internet Connection.
  • Perform a power cycle of your Device.
  • Clear the Application cache on Fire TV.
  • Disable Proxy or VPN.

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Check for an Update for your Fire TV and Amazon App as well

You must be sure that you are using an updated version of the Amazon app and Fire TV. If not, then check for an update first, and after updating your Fire TV and Amazon application, restart your device and now, try to stream your wished video.

Why a good Internet Connection is required?

Smart TVs are designed to perform under a good internet speed, and when these criteria do not match, users may face an error code. So, this becomes important to use your TV and other devices with a good internet connection and speed.

How you can Perform a power cycle of your Device?

  • Turn off the device on which you want to perform a power cycle.
  • Unplug all the cables from it.
  • Now, Wait for few minutes (Approx 5 to 6 minutes).
  • Re-plug the cables that you removed prior.
  • Now, restart the device.

Clear the Application cache to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9912

Usually, this error code is appearing on fire TV so, you have to clear the application cache on Fire Tv. Clearing the application cache helped many users, so you should necessarily try this method once.

  • Access Settings on your Fire TV with the help of your Remote.
  • Now, Select the Applications option.
  • Next, you will see the Manage Installed Applications option, in this option, select Amazon Prime, and Select Clear Cache option.
  • Now, select the Clear Data option, and the chance of the application will be cleared.

Additionally, if you are using any VPN service or Proxy service then, you must disable them during the streaming videos on Amazon prime. 

If none of the methods helped you, contact amazon support or you can also make a call on- 

Fire TV Customer Service No: 1-888-280-4331.

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