Amazon Prime Error Code 2063 [How to Troubleshoot]

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Amazon Prime Error Code 2063 usually appears when users try to make a payment for their selected items. So basically, this error code indicates an issue with the payment details. However, when users try to verify their digital purchase on their amazon account by logging into the computers, nothing shows up but, the purchases are visible on their TVs.

By the way, this error code will not bother you more as we have embedded some excellent methods to fix this. Without wasting more time, let’s start to troubleshoot this error code.

Another Payment Error is Amazon Prime Error Code 3565, don’t skip to fix it if it appears on your screen.

Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 2063

Amazon Prime Error Code 2063

Cross Check Your Payment Details

Sometimes by mistake, we don’t notice, and we let’s select the wrong payment method, and in this situation, amazon error code 2063 may appear. So when this error code appears on your screen, you should cross-check your selected payment details once.

Enable 1-Click Settings

Make sure 1 click payment details are correct and up to date to fix the error code 2063.

  • Sign in to your Amazon account(Web).
  • Clear all the items added to your cart.
  • Now, go via this link that will open the payment options page.
  • Click on the toggle to ON the 1-Click settings.
  • Now, start making payment and check if the error has been gone or not.

Avoid Using A VPN

Amazon restricts VPN as they change your current location so, if you are using any, disabled it immediately and check if the error code is not appearing now.

Turn off the VPN and sign in to your amazon account after restarting your device, and start doing payment, error code should not trigger now.

Use a Different Payment Method

However, if nothing helps, you can proceed with a different payment method. Make sure the new payment details that you are adding are accurate and up to date.

Amazon accepts many payment methods like PayPal, credit card, debit card, and many more. You can choose according to you.

Additionally, you can update your application if it is running with an outdated version.

Cancel the Order and Contact the Support

Amazon allows users to cancel their orders so, you can cancel your order to do this, select your order on which you had gotten the error code, and select cancel. If any payment has been detected then, it will get refunded into your account. 

Note: Read the message from Amazon Carefully.

If you are not able to cancel the order, then contact Amazon Support immediately.

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