What are Blue Mushrooms and How to Get Them in Valheim?

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If you are playing this game, then this can be important news for you. Prior you have listened about the Yellow mushroom like what they are and how you can get them in Valheim. In this guide, we will explain the blue Mushrooms and also explain how to get Blue mushrooms in Valheim. Players will know the nutritious flora and fauna as they can take them to boost their stamina in the game. But rarely players will know about the blue mushroom. So let’s talk about this like what is it and how you will get these in the game.

What are Blue Mushrooms In Valheim?

Valheim is a survival game, and you will need to collect all things that are necessary to do it in the game. Like other Mushrooms, you can eat them raw too. This does not grow in an open world, this will most likely grow in one of three unfinished biomes i.e Mistlands, the Ashlands, and  Deep North biome. Like Yellow and Red Mushrooms, blue is also has the same stats which are as given below:

Max Health Capacity-  20

Max Stamina Capacity- 20

Duration-  600s

Healing Capacity-  1hp/tick.

How to get Blue mushrooms in Valheim?

Getting blue mushrooms is not quite easy to get the yellow and the red ones. For this, you have to enable the debug mode and activate the cheat command in the game. Here are the steps how you can activate the cheat command in the game:

  • Press the F5 key.
  • Now, type- “imacheater”.
  • Next, hit the Enter button.
  • Now, enter- “debugmode” code in the command. After this creative mode will be activated and then type- “Mushroomblue” cheat code in this creative mode. 

You have to rely on the cheat, as the expansion of the three above-discussed biomes is in progress and the game is still in development mode. So, there is only one option, to spawn Blue Mushrooms in debug mode. In the future, according to the devs, the game has a total of 9 biomes and that will expand. We hope the blue mushrooms will appear one of them.


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