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How to Find Copper in Valheim: This game is becoming very popular day by day and as the players are going to the next levels in the game they are facing many problems. Finding copper is one of them. If you are also a valheim player and searching for the copper ore in Valheim to create your weapon, to go forward in the game, then this guide will help you to do so? If you have defeated the Valhiem first boss- Eikthyr, which you will find in the center of the map, then you will be able to craft your first metal weapon.

After defeating the Eikthyr, you will find the pickaxe, which will help you to mine the copper when you will find it. Now, we assumed that you have defeated the first boss and have a pickaxe because without a pickaxe if you even find the copper ore, you can’t mine it.

How to Find Copper ore in Valheim

If you want to find copper, you have to explore a more dangerous place- the black forest biome. You have to do this because you can’t find copper deposits in the first biome that is Meadows. To go to the black forest biome you have to just pick a direction and start running, you will find this as the black forest biome is the neighboring region of the Meadows. To justify the black forest region you can see on the minimap as it appear on it. Now, in the black forest keep your eyes open and explore it because the Copper deposits look likes greenish rock.

Find Copper ore in Valheim
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When you found such a type of rock and get closer to it “copper deposit” words will appear on the screen. Now, the question is, what to do to mine this copper deposit?

How to Mine copper in Valheim

When you will get the rock of copper deposit, you have to do a lot of work on it. You have to keep hitting on it and eventually, you will get some copper ore from it. Make sure during this your pickaxe status can degrade. In this situation, you have to repair it on your workbench. One thing also you have to keep in your mind that if the weight is reached its maximum limit, the copper ore will not be added to your inventory until you lighten your load.

Hope! this will help you to find the copper ore and mine it to create the weapon. Thanks…


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