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How to Find Silver in Valheim: Valheim provides many ores in the game, and SIlver ore is one of them. Players can use these ores to craft weapons in the gameplay. Silver ore comes after the bronze and iron ores, and users can find it and craft it into the armors. Finding Silver ore is not quite easy as finding Bronze and Iron ore. But, we have explained the way how players can find the silver ore, and what are the different armors they can build using this ore.

Silver ore plays a very important role to prepare clothing recipes and armor that’s why it becomes more important to plant the toughest weapon and shield. So, let’s start with the topic that is how do you find the silver ore, and how do you craft a sword using it.

How to Find Silver ore in Valheim

You should know that if you want to craft armor or a weapon using Silver ore, then you need to find it and smelt it like copper ore. If you don’t know how to find Copper ore in Valheim, then you can get an idea from here. One more thing you should know before mining Silver ore in the game, and that is you will have to defeat the Bonemass Boss in the game. 

But defeating the Bonemass will not easy for you if you don’t have any idea how to defeat the Bonemass Boss. After defeating the Boss in the game you will be rewarded with the Wishbone that is an ancient bone that remembers the location of many forgotten things. Wishbone helps to locate the Silver veins and the buried treasure.

Now, if you have the Wishbone, then to find the Silver ore, you have to activate it and start head to the mountain. Make sure that you have brewed some frost resistance mead before going to the mountain biome because the biome causes freezing effects.

You are equipped now and when you will get closer to the chest which might have the silver ore in it, you will hear a noise and green glowing lines pulsing around your character body. You have to walk closer to the secret. As you will come closer to it the line quantity will increase and the noise pitch will also increase. Now, with the help of your pickaxe break the rock or the chest and extract the Silver ore. Now, you can process it to make a weapon or armor.

How do you craft a sword using Silver?

If you want to craft a sword using the silver ore, then your forge should be at least level three and you have at least 40 silver. Here are some questions and their answers that will help you to make a silver sword:

Q. What equipment’s should be required to make a Silver Sword in Valheim?

A. Workbench, forge, and smelter.

Q. How many woods are Required?

A. Two blocks of wood.

Q. How many leather scarps are required?

A. Three.

Q. How many Iron ores are required?

A. 5 (Five).

Q. How many Silver ores are required?

A. 40 (Forty).


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