How to Get Yellow Mushroom in Valheim [Guide]

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How to Get Yellow Mushroom in Valheim: Yellow mushrooms are food items found in the game Valheim. These are consumed by the players to improve their health, stamina, and healing capacity. These can be easily seen if, you come to the right place in the game as they start shining. These yellow mushrooms are a type of fungi that can available in the Burial Chamber grottoes of the Black Forest. If you are getting trouble finding them or you don’t know how to get them, then read this post, and you will be able to do that.

How to Get Yellow Mushroom in Valheim?

First, if you want to find out the yellow mushrooms, you have to find out cells/dungeons, and that will be available in the black forest and the Swamp biome. As we have mentioned above, they can be seen in the Chamber caves, caves, and swamp crypts. Now, if you experiencing some trouble finding out the dungeons in the black forest, here some tips are given below.

If we talk in short, the Interment or burial chambers or Troll Caves mostly available in the black forest biome. The sign of the burial chambers or Troll Caves is a lot of skeletons. So if you see these skeletons in the game it means there is a chamber present nearby location. So this was the easiest method to find the yellow mushrooms in Valheim. 

How to Get Yellow Mushroom in Valheim

The yellow mushrooms are also can be found in the Swamp biome, but to this, you need a Swamp Key. Getting a Swamp Key is quite difficult as you have to defeat the second boos to get this. This is quite difficult to defeat the second boss rather than to find the dungeons. 

As the Yellow mushrooms are spawn at the same spot so you can come back across the dungeon to get the mushrooms.

How to use the Yellow Mushrooms

If you find the yellow mushrooms, then you should use them in potions. To make a potion you will need a Black Forest Tin cauldron like a Fermenter that is made of bronze, fine wood, and resin. One more thing about these mushroom is, these are teleportal, that means you can carry them in the game and use them when you need.

How to use the Yellow Mushrooms

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