How to find the Haldor the trader or merchant in Valheim?

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How to find Haldor in Valheim: Valheim is getting a very popular game, among all game lovers and game players, day by day. This is a survival game inspired by the Viking’s culture. This game is developed to play for 1 to 10 players, yes, this is a multiplayer game. This game is reviewed 10 out of 10, which means users are loving and enjoying playing this game. The developer of this game Iron Gate AB releases it on steam on February 2, 2021, till then this game is getting a boom all over the world.

If you are playing Valheim too, then you will know very well that how important to find Haldor in this game. To go forward in the game you will need amber pearls, gold coins, rubies, and gems using them you can buy several items. These gems are collected from dungeons and enemies. To buy items you will need to trade them, that’s why you need to find a merchant named Haldor. This guide will help you to find that trader in the game.

List of items which you can trade from Haldor

When you find successfully Haldor the merchant, you can buy the various items using the collected gems like gold coins, rubies, and amber pearls. Here is a list of items which you can buy from the trader and what will be the cost of each item:

Fishing bait x50 – 10
Fishing rod – 350
Ymir flesh – 120
Megingjord – 950
Yule hat – 100
Dverger circlet – 620

But, to buy these items you have to find the merchant first. Now, we explain how to find the merchant in Valheim.

How to find the trader/Haldor in Valheim? 

Many players have reported that they have searched the Haldor/merchant in the black forest biome for hours but they haven’t been able to find him. So one thing you should know that the trader (Haldor) will not always on the same island as you. As the trader doesn’t appear at the same location every time, it can be quite difficult to find the exact location of the trader. So to find the Haldor you have to explore many locations in the black forest. This is a misfortune that the map of all users is slightly different as the world is generated randomly. So this becomes quite tricky to follow the map and find the trader.

Well, if you are also facing a problem finding the Haldor/merchant or you can say trader, then you can create a new map by creating a new seed. This will help you track the location of the Haldor and you will easily find him to trade. You can go through this link to create to find the best map seed.

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