How to create a seed/map to find the Haldor in Valheim

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How to create a seed to find the Haldor: Many users are facing the problem to find the Haldor in Valheim game which is a non-playing character in the game, so they are not able to trade for various items. This task became quite tough for the unknown players. When you find the Haldor, you can trade many items from him which will help you in the game. You can find the list of the items, which you wish to trade from the Haldor by clicking on the given link:

List of items which you can trade from Haldor

Now, come to the topic which is how you create a new seed to find the Haldor.

How to create a seed, map to find the Haldor

After exploring many hours in the black forest biome, many users unable to find the Haldor in the open world. But now by getting a proper seed you will be able to explore the Haldor quickly.

Well, a reddition shared a piece of very useful information related to this. He explained that by creating a new world with a seed code: 42069lolxd, you can find the trader in a very short period of time. 

What you will have to do?

You can create a new world in the game by typing the above seed code on the game. Now, go to the southeast from the new map and keep going until you see the water on your left. From here go to the south and after a couple of minutes, you’ll find a Black Forest biome towards the south. Now, cross the river by swimming and reach the other side of it, and enter into the black forest biome. 

After entering the black forest, keep running on the map towards the south for a couple of minutes. Now, you will find a merchant icon on the map that will look like a coin wallet. Now, after meeting the Haldor/merchant, you can buy items of your choice and can enjoy playing. All of the items have their own advantage, but you should buy Ymir’s Flesh first so that you can build an Iron Sledgehammer.

That’s all… Hope this guide will help you.

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