How you can Get a Caps Lock Key on Your Chromebook

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If you are using Chromebook, you have noticed that its keyboard layout is quite different from the others. There is a CapsLock button presents on the other laptops and PCs. But, in Chromebook, you will have to use some specific keyboard shortcuts to use the CapsLock. This feature of Chromebook is bothering its users as it should be simple to use the capslock feature, but it’s not. Anyway, here in this article we are going to discuss that how to get a CapsLock key on your Chromebook

The reason for this article is to help that users who are not familiar with the Chromebook and want to get a CapsLock key. So if you are also one of them, this guide is for you too.

How to Get a Caps Lock Key on Chromebook

You can convert the search key into the CapsLock key by following steps:

  • Click on the Profile Icon presented on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on the Setting icon. This will open a list choose device section and click on the keyboard option.
  • Find the Serch option from the menu and then change it to CapsLock.
How to convert search key into the Caps Lock key
How to convert search key into the Caps Lock key in ChromeBook

Now, you can use the search key as a CapsLock key.

Note: If you just want to On and Off the CapsLock key then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

How You can turn on and turn OFF the CapsLock key on Chromebook

In Chromebook, a search key is present instead of the CapsLock key. Above we have discussed that how you can change this search key into the CapsLock Key, but if you just want to turn the CapsLock key On and off, you should use these shortcuts.

To turn on CapsLock in Chrome Book:

Long Press- ALT and the search key. A confirmation message will appear with CapsLock has been on.

To Turn Off CapsLock in Chromebook:

Long Press- ALT and the search key, or you can also press the Shift key.

That’s all about How to Get a Caps Lock Key on Chromebook. Hope this will help you…

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