How to hide chat in WhatsApp on an Android phone

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These days, WhatsApp is a part of our daily life. This application stores our professional as well as personal data. We use this app for dealing with clients and also do use this application to chat or call with our colleagues, friends, or family members. Sometimes, some chats or data provided by the other person on WhatsApp are very important and secret. We do not show such types of chats or data to all or we want them to hide from all, but WhatsApp has no in-built feature to do this. WhatsApp only provides an Archive feature so If you have also searched on the internet for How to hide chat in WhatsApp and didn’t get any solution, then this guide will help you.

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Moreover, people set a lock on their WhatsApp as they have their personal chats too on this application. But, tips that are explained in this guide will help you to lock chat with an individual or bulk contacts. So, after doing this trick you will not have to hesitate to show your WhatsApp to anyone.

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp on Android Phone

We have discussed above that WhatsApp provides an Archive feature in it. But, this is not a highly secured solution if anyone clicks on the Un-archive option, he will be able to see your archived chats. So, we will provide you a more secure solution that you can protect your chat by setting a pin, and that chat will open when you will enter that pin code. 

But first, for those who do not know the archiving feature, we would like to explain this in short.

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp with its in-built feature (Low Secure)

If you want to hide your WhatsApp chat with its in-built feature, then you can follow these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Long press on the person’s chat in the chat section which you want to hide.
  • Now, look top right corner of the screen you will see an Archive button, click on it.
hide a chat in WhatsApp with its in-built feature
  • All chats of that person will be archived now and will be stored at the bottom.
  • When you need to unarchived, you need to Long Press on this by going to the bottom of the chat section. After a long press, you will see an un-archive button on the top of the screen click on it to unhide this chat.
How to hide a chat in WhatsApp with its in-built feature

Note: This method is not much secure as if anyone knows this, he can unarchive your archived chat and can read the chats.

Use a third-party app

If you want to more securely hide your chats, then you can use this third-party application to do this. 

  • Open Play Store and Search for “Chats Lock for WhatsApp” in it.
third-party app to hide your WhatsApp Chats
  • Now, install the application shown in the image.
  • After installation, open it and it will ask you for some permission.
  • Once you will give the permission, It will ask you to set a pin. 
  • Confirm the pin after interesting it two times.
  • Now, click on the Plus (+) button to add the chats, which you wanted to hide or secure.
  • After completing the process, if anyone opens these chats, he will be asked for a pin. Until you enter the pin the chat will not open.

That’s all. Hope this guide will help you to hide your personal or some professional chats to all. We have explained two methods to hide your chats and it’s total up to you which method you want to use. The first method is less secure and the second one is more secure than the first.

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