How to update the display driver in windows 10

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How to update display driver: Basically a display driver is a software that is used to enable the communication between the operating system to the graphic architecture or itself. They are designed for wireless devices like Monitors, Laptops, Television, or for other automotive applications.

What is Display?

The display is an output surface that shows graphic images and often texts to the computer user. It uses Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Cathode Ray Tube, Light-emitting Diodes, or image projection technologies. The term Display and the monitor is used to indicate the same thing. This was the short knowledge about the display. Display drivers are very useful software in many cases like if you want to adjust the brightness of your windows 10 pc then it will play a major role to do this.

When you go to adjust the brightness of your computer manually, if the brightness slider is not appearing on your screen then, you should update the display driver of your computer.

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How to update the display driver in windows 10?

When your display driver has been outdated or very old then you need to update it to work it properly. In this guide, we’ll teach you, How to update the display driver? If you are using Windows 10 PC. To do this follow these simple steps. 

  • Right-click on the Start Menu.
  • Then go to the Device Manager.
How to update the display driver in windows 10
  • Click on the Device Manager Window.
  • Expand this Window and go to the Display Adapter Category.
How to update the display driver
  • Now, make a right-click on the Graphic Card.
  • Now, select the Update Driver option.
How to update the display driver in windows 10

You have to follow the instruction to complete the process of updating your display driver.

How many types of Display?

Being very useful and very important software, there is a very high demand for high-quality display. There are some types of display people are using in their computer, Laptops, and Televisions.

  1. Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT)
  2. Color CRT Monitor
  3. Liquid crystal display (LCD)
  4. Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  5. Direct View Storage Tubes (DVST)
  6. Plasma Display
  7. 3D Display

These all are the major types of Displays that are using these days or have been used in traditional days. This guide is not to elaborate on these types of displays so we are not going to elaborate on these. Basically, this guide is for update the display driver? So I hope this will help you to update your display driver.

If you want to know all types of the display or want any other topic to discuss then please leave your comment in the comment box. Thanks… 

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