Methods to Fix Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80131500

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If you want to download or update any application on your Windows 10 device, you have to go to the Microsoft store to do this. Sometimes users face an error code 0x80131500 on their Microsoft store screen. In this article, we are going to tell you the methods to fix Microsoft Store Error code 0x80131500 but, before this, you all should know what exactly this error is? 

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What is Error code 0x80131500?

Error code 0x80131500: This means this appears when you are going to install any update or any app using the Store. In other words, when you try to use Microsoft store to download an application or update an existed one, you get an error message on your computer screen that says- 

“Try that again – Something happened at our end. Waiting a bit might help. The error code is 0x80131500 in case you need it.”

This message can bother you. Although Microsoft has accepted this error code message, users are still facing this error code.

How to Fix Store Error Code 0x80131500?

This error code depends on several factors so, there is not a single method to fix it. You have to try several methods to resolve this error code from your Windows 10 PC. Do not worry, we will provide all the steps and fixes in detail to resolve this error code from your computer.


We are going to discuss the 5 methods in this article. These methods can use by other users too and these will also help as tricks. 

  1. By running the Windows Store Troubleshooter.
  2. Resetting the Microsoft Store cache can also fix this error code.
  3. By checking date and time settings.
  4. Check region settings on your computer.

We will discuss all the above methods but you might not need to try these all. Just a few methods from the above mentioned will fix Microsoft Store Error 0x80131500.

By running the Windows Store Troubleshooter.

To fix this issue by running the Windows Store troubleshooter, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Press the Windows logo key + R together to open the Run Dialog Box.

Step 2. Now, type ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar, and click on the OK button or hit the Enter button from your Keyboard.

Open control panel by Run

Step 3. In the window that appeared, make sure that ‘Category’ is chosen under the ‘View by:’ drop-down which is showed in the upper-right corner of the appearing window.

Step 4. Now, Click on the System & Security option from here.

Windows Store Troubleshooter

Step 5. Now, click on the option- ‘Troubleshoot common computer problems’ under the action center. 

Step 6. Click on the Hardware and Sound, then type ‘Windows Start apps’ in the search section. Now, a search result will appear, click on this search result.

Step 7. A dialog window will open now, click on the ‘Advanced’ link, and make sure that the ‘Apply repairs automatically’ checkbox is marked.

Step 8. Follow the instructions that appeared on the screen to run the troubleshooter properly. Once the scan is completed, try to open your Microsoft Store. Now, Error 0x80131500 should be resolved.

By resetting the Microsoft Store cache

Microsoft store Error 0x80131500 can happen due to store cache. These caches not only affect your Microsoft store but can harm Windows Update service too. You can fix this error by resetting the Microsoft Store cache. Steps to reset Microsoft store cache are given below:

Step 1. Click on the Start Menu.

Step 2. Now, type- cmd in the Search section.

Step 3. A command prompt option will show now, make a right-click on this and select Run as administrator.

Step 4. A User Account Control (UAC) prompt will open, now click on the Yes button.

Step 4. Now, type ‘wsreset’ (without inverted comma) in the appeared window and hit the enter button to execute this.

Step 5. Wait until the process is complete then after that restart your computer to save all the changes.

Alternative methods: 

  1.  You can choose this alternative method; Go to the Start menu then type ‘wsreset’ in the search bar and then click on the appeared option that appears in the results.
Fix Error code 0x80131500
  1. Open the Run dialog box and type ‘WSReset.exe’ in the text field area and hit the enter button. If Windows Store and Command Prompt both open together means the cache has been reset on your computer.

Now, restart your PC to make save changes. Check now, the issue should be resolved.

By checking date and time settings

Doing some settings with the date and time can fix this error. The steps provided here will make your time and date settings proper, please follow them.

check date and time settings
  • Click on- Date & Time option, click on the toggle from the right side- Adjust for the daylight saving time automatically.
  • After this, Move on to the next setup that is- Region Settings.

Check region settings on your computer

Some users find this step helpful to fix Error 0x80131500 on their computer. If your region setting is not set properly, you may not be able to connect to the store(Microsoft). 

  • Select Region and language option from here and the right pane expand the dropdown and set your region to the UK, US, or Canada.
  • Now, restart your PC to check if the issue is resolved or not.

That’s all…

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