Amazon Prime Error Code 3565 [How To Fix It]

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Amazon Prime is one of the popular videos, shows, and movie streaming platforms that has a good number of users from all over the world. Amazon Prime releases many TV shows, Web series, and movies from time to time. Some of them are free, and some are paid sometimes. If users want to watch one or anything else that needs payment then, they have to pay an amount for those. However, some users are facing Amazon Prime Error Code 3565 while they are going to make the payment on it. 

So if you too, getting this error code, then in this guide, we have managed some workarounds to resolve this error code. As there is no official solution available, you have to manage these workarounds, We will say one thing- many users found these helpful to fix this error.

So, you can also try these, if you are getting the same issue on your screen. 

What is Amazon Prime Error Code 3565?

Amazon Prime Error Code 3565 is a purchase error that appears when users try to make a payment for their selected items. Getting this error code on your screen indicates that you are unable to purchase the selected item yet. 

The error code may be associated with an error message that may look like:

“Purchase failed. Your Prime video payment is invalid. Error code 3565.”

Note: To understand this error code, you should read this guide properly from the beginning. 

How to Fix Error Code 3565 on Amazon Prime?

The discussed error code indicates a purchase error that can be resolved easily by doing these workarounds:

  1. Updating the App/web Settings.
  1. Using another device.

Update the App/web Settings

By enabling 1-Click settings with a valid payment method, many users have fixed this error code. So you should try, first…, this workaround with respect to fixing the Amazon Prime Error Code 3565.

  • Go to your Amazon Prime account and log into it.
  • Now, clear your cart items.
enabling 1-Click settings
  • Now, click on the button to enable 1-click settings and also check whether your payment method is valid or not.

Try to make the payment now.

Use another device

The first workaround should resolve your issue but, in case, if it doesn’t help then, might be the problem is in your device. So you should try to change your payment device to fix this error code.

Amazon Prime Error Code 3565

You can select another device like a laptop, mobile, or tablet to make payment for your selected item on Amazon Prime. Hopefully, the problem is resolved now.

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