How to remove multiple friends on Snapchat at once? Is it Possible?

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Snapchat is one of the popular chat or messaging apps in the United States. However, this application is available in many countries. Adding and removing facilities are available in this application if you wish to add a friend or remove a friend from your friend list. In this guide, we will talk about the process of removing multiple friends on Snapchat at once. 

How to remove multiple friends on Snapchat at once?

Well, we assume that you know the process to remove a friend from your Snapchat account, but what if you want to delete multiple friends on Snapchat at once? 

Since Snapchat hasn’t included this feature till now, so, if you want to delete multiple friends at once, you have to delete only one by one of all the friends that you want. Additionally, you can delete your account completely. But, remember that you will lose all your friends if you do this. In addition, the chats and messages will also be deleted once your account has been deleted completely.

This helps if a user wants to start a new journey with Snapchat. So, if you are willing to do this, remember all things.

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What will happen with your Chats and Messages?

When a user deletes a Snapchat account, his/her data like messages and chats will be kept for up to 30 days. This thing has been done by Snapchat so that if the user wants to revert to the deleted account, he/she can do it easily.  So in case, if you change your mind, you can do it easily.

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Steps to Delete a Snapchat account completely

  • Go to Snapchat Help and click on My Account and Security from the left side of the screen.
Steps to delete a Snap chat account completely
  • Now, click on the delete my account link and select an appropriate reason according to you.
  • Next, enter the details that will be asked to enter.
  • Finally, click on the Send button, and all is done.

After the deletion process, your friend list and the chats done by them will be no longer.

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How do you delete multiple friends on Snapchat?

To Delete multiple friends on Snapchat, you can select one by one friend from your friend list and delete them one by one. By doing this, you can delete multiple friends.

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