How to check who viewed your WhatsApp profile pic

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WhatsApp is being a very useful application for business as well as for personal use. People are using this application like it is a part of their daily work, however, mostly, it is being used for connecting friends and family members or for business purpose. Like you, all people put their photo on Whatsapp to identify their identity. Obviously, you must also have put your profile picture on WhatsApp and a question must have raised in your mind that who sees your profile picture. In this tips guide, we are going to discuss that How to check who viewed your WhatsApp profile pic. Because this is not an in-built feature of WhatsApp, you can do it with the help of another application named “Whats Tracker: Who Viewed My Profile?”  

Note: This is a third-party application so it’s totally upon you either you use it or not.

Sometimes it becomes very important to some persons to check who viewed their profile picture. We are going to discuss step by step guide to install and use this application. If you want to check this out, you should be with us till the end of this article. 

How to check who viewed your WhatsApp profile pic

“Whats Tracker: Who Viewed My Profile?” application works on all android versions that are 2.3 or above. This application has no hidden charges, it is totally free to use. This application is very easy to install and use, too. Here is how you can do it:

Open the Play Store on your Android phone.

Type- Whats Tracker: Who Viewed My Profile? in the search bar.

How to check who viewed your WhatsApp profile pic

Click on the first result, which is showing in the screenshot.

Now, the application will open, click on the install button to download and install it.

 Whats Tracker: Who Viewed My Profile

After downloading, set your number and password.

Now, you will see a list of contacts who have viewed your profile picture from the past 24 hours.

Next, whenever you want to check who watched or viewed your profile picture after updating it, you will have to open this application and this will show you the list of persons.

That’s it. Please tell us how this tip is worked for you in the comment section. Your opinion will help us to improve. 

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