How to record WhatsApp calls: Use this Trick

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WhatsApp Tips: WhatsApp has global users, and this application is not only used to chat, but users also use this for voice calls and video calls. Sometimes, users think that there should be an option to record a call in WhatsApp, but they do not found any inbuilt option to do this. Like normal calls, WhatsApp calls can also be recorded. Yes! You can record a WhatsApp call using our trick. If you don’t know How to record WhatsApp calls, then you can follow this trick to do this.

Although there is no in-built feature in WhatsApp to record a call, In-spite of this, this is possible. The good news is, you can do this, either you are using iPhone or an Android device. 

How to record WhatsApp calls

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android Devices

If you own an android phone, then you can easily install an application from Play Store. This is the best feature in Android. There are many applications to record WhatsApp class but we will discuss one of them. To record WhatsApp calls on Android devices:

  • Download and install the Call Recorder-Cube ACR application from Play Store.
  • After the installation, open it and allow the permissions.
  • At last, this application will ask you to allow this to Display over the other apps. Click on the button to allow.
  • Now, when you open this app, you need to call on WhatsApp. When the call starts, the widget of this application will appear on the screen. 
  • When you will click on this widget, the call will starts recording.
  • When the call will end, the recorded call will save on your phone memory or external memory. (Which you will have granted permission to save the calls)
  • Now, whenever you want to listen to this recorded call, you can. 

Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

There can be more than one method to record a WhatsApp call on iPhone, but here, we will discuss only one of them. If you want to record a WhatsApp call on your iphone:

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mackbook.
  • Now, click on Quick time. Next, go to the file sections and select the new audio recording option.
  • Now, before making a call on WhatsApp, click on the Record button on QuickTime.
  • When you will call anyone on WhatsApp, the recording will start and as you disconnect the call this will stop.

You can save this recorded file to your selected place or folder to listen to this in the future.

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