Barclays Error Code 00002 (Troubleshooting Steps)

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Fix Barclays Error Code 00002

Barclays error code 00002 at a glance – 

Platform: Barclays app/website.
Error code: 00002.
Impact of error: Users face difficulty accessing their accounts.
Cause: A temporary block on your account.
When does it occur: In general, it occurs when Barclays Bank’s system detects unusual activity on your account.

With a layer of security, Barclays can be suitable to manage all your financial needs. Due to these security features, sometimes users have to face some problems. Error 00002 is one of those problems.

As we mentioned above, the error is a result of security measures. This happens when the bank’s system detects unusual activity in your account. Due to this, users fail to access their accounts or are unable to log in to their Barclays accounts.

Let’s know how to troubleshoot this error!

Troubleshooting Steps For Barclays Error Code 00002

If you are facing this error, don’t worry! Keep reading this guide to learn more about this error and troubleshooting steps so you can get rid of it and get your account back.

Error code 00002 may occur when Barclays temporarily blocks access to the account for security purposes. Attempts to access the account from a new device or location, as well as large or suspicious transactions, may result in a temporary block.

To remove the blockage from your account, you will need to contact Barclays support immediately. You can contact the support team by calling the customer support line or visiting a branch in person.

After verifying your identity the representative will review your account for any temporary blockage. And if your account is blocked then it will be unblocked after review.

Here are the steps:

  • Visit
  • Choose your topic.
  • Contact support and verify your account for any changes.
  • Wait until the representative receives your call or replies to your message or email.
  • After reviewing and removing any temporary blocks, your account will be activated and you will be able to use it for your needs.

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