Zoom Error Code 104114 | Complete Solution [2024]

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Zoom users use it to do much online work like- they can host online meetings or webinars, and they can share screens to resolve their issues. But sometimes they get Zoom errors while they try to do these works using the Zoom application.  Zoom Error Code 104114 belongs to these errors. This error code appears on the screen when users are trying to open the application. Let’s understand all about this error code, including its fixes.

What is Zoom Error Code 104114 and What can be the reasons behind it?

Zoom Error Code 104114 appears it means the application is unable to connect to the Zoom server. Disabling antivirus software, using a stable internet connection, or disabling the proxy can fix this error code instantly. 

Possible Reasons:

  • Bad internet connection.
  • Check if the Antivirus software is blocking the Zoom to perform properly.
  • Proxy services can also quarantine some Zoom files.
  • Some bugs in your System.
  • Incorrect DNS settings.
  • Buggy DNS cache files.

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 104114?

Above we have mentioned some possible reasons behind the Zoom Error Code 104114. Now, we will discuss their solutions to fix this error code. Here you can go with the short:

  • Check for a good internet connection.
  • Disable the antivirus software if you are using any.
  • Disable Proxy.
  • Use our protip if any bug is in your system.
  • Correct the DNS settings.
  • Flush the DNS cache files.

If you are getting Zoom Error Code 104114 on your Windows computer

If you are using a Windows OS and getting this error code, then you can fix this error code using the command prompt. Many users confirmed that this method helped them to fix the error.

Flush the DNS cache files

  • Type the command prompt in the search bar and make right-click on the first option and click on Run as administrator option.
Open Command prompt
  • Now, type ipconfig/flushdns in the appeared window and hit the Enter button.
  • Next, type netsh winsock reset and hit the Enter button. 
  • Now, type Exit and hit Enter to save the command.
  • Restart your computer and check if the issue is gone or not.

If the issue is still appearing then do this workaround:

Correct the DNS settings

Correcting DNS settings can also resolve this error code, so you can try this if the first workaround doesn’t help you.

  • Click on the Network and Internet option then click on Network and Sharing Center.
Correct the DNS settings to fix zoom error code 104114
  • From the right side of the window click on the Change Adaptor Settings option.
  • Select the Network that you are using and make a right-click and select properties.
Click on Properties
  • Find the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) under the networking section and click on the properties option.
Find the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Now, enter & in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server and hit the OK button.
enter & in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server
  • Now, restart your device and enjoy using the Zoom application.

If you are getting Zoom Error Code 104114 on your Mobile device (Android or iOS)

If you are facing an issue on your mobile device whether it is Android or iOS, you can use this method to resolve the issue.

  • Open Setting.
  • Click on the About phone option and then click on the storage option.
  • Click on Cached data and clear them all.
  • Now, go back to the apps then click on manage apps.
  • Next, search Zoom in the search bar and then click on this. Now, you will see clearly all data options at the bottom of the screen, click on it and then click OK on the popup to clear all data. 
  • Now, select the autostart option and then restart your phone, and enjoy using the Zoom application without Zoom Error Code 104114.

Hope this tutorial will help you to fix the issue. If you are getting any other Zoom error code you can comment to us and we will provide you with a solution related to that issue.

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