How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1006007000

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Zoom users are getting Error Code 1006007000 on their screens when they are trying to join zoom meetings. There is very little bit of information present on the internet related to this error code, but somehow we manage to gather some useful information about this. Providing an exact description of this error code is quite typical, but we have tried to explain this in our words that are below.

What is Zoom Error Code 1006007000, and when it can appear?

Zoom Error Code 1006007000 is a connection error that appears when the application is unable to connect to the Zoom server. Buggy cache files on your system may also cause this error code. Sometimes, this can appear on the screen if the firewall or proxy blocks the connection to the zoom application. 

Exact message may appear like this:

Make sure you are connected to the internet and your connection Zoom is not blocked by a Firewall or Proxy. (Error code:Error Code 1006007000).

How to fix Zoom Error Code 1006007000

Now, here, we will explain some workarounds to fix this error code, hoping these will resolve your issue.

  • First of All, you should check your internet connection.
  • Second, check if the firewall or proxy is not blocking the Zoom application.
  • Delete cache files from your system.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Application.

Check your Internet connection

If you encounter Zoom Error Code 1006007000 then, the first thing you should do is to check your internet connection and its speed. Sometimes, we do not notice and we did not stay connected to the internet.

Check if the firewall or proxy is not blocking the Zoom application

  • Type Windows Security in the search bar of the Start menu and click on the Windows Firewall option from the list.
Check if the firewall or proxy is not blocking the Zoom app
  • Now, click on- Allow an app or feature through the Windows firewall option from the left side of the appeared window.
How to Check if the firewall or proxy is not blocking the Zoom app
  • Next, find out the Zoom video conference option by scrolling down and see if the checkboxes are ticked or not. 
  • If these are not ticked, then tick them to allow the zoom application to connect to the server.

Delete cache and temporary files from your system

To delete temporary files on your system:

  • Type %temp% in the search area.
  • Hit enter to see all the temporary files. Select them all and press the Shift+Delete button together to delete them permanently.

Uninstall and reinstall the Application

If none of the above methods help you to fix Zoom Error Code 1006007000 then, uninstalling and reinstalling the application can be the best option for you. Uninstall the Zoom application and then reinstall its latest version from the official website.

Still, if the issue is happening then you should contact Zoom support. They will assist you as soon as possible.

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