You Can’t Join this Video Call on Google Meet: Here is the Solution

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Google meet is a product of google mostly used to join or create video conferencing or meetings. Like Zoom and other video conferencing applications, this also throws errors and issues. Here we will discuss the error – You Can’t Join this Video Call Google Meet, one of them. So if you too, getting this error message, when you are trying to join a meeting or online video conference using Google Meet, then this article is gonna very helpful to you. 

This error message can be seen in a different type too, like – You are not allowed to join this video call. Both are the same, and the solutions to both error messages are also the same. We have analyzed some possible reasons behind this error message and will explain these reasons and solutions that will be helpful to fix this error.

You Can’t Join this Video Call Google Meet: Possible Reasons and Solutions

If “You Can’t Join this Video Call Google Meet” or “You are not allowed to join this video call”, any of these error messages are appearing on your screen, then there can be many reasons behind this like, maybe the organizer has blocked you, you are using an outdated browser, time and date is not updated on your system, or you are clicking on a wrong link.

Analyzing this error, we have gathered the above-discussed reasons behind this. Now, we will discuss the solutions, like what you can do if you are getting this error on Google Meet.

Check, if the organizer has blocked you.

You know, why we are discussing this reason? because this can happen first. Maybe the organizer has blocked you to join the meeting, and they can do this maybe accidentally or intentionally too. So, first of all, if you are getting the error message, you can ask your organizer to check if they have blocked you.

Sometimes, a meeting reaches its maximum limit, and if after that, you are trying to join, you may see the error message. So this can also play a role in this error message. For a free google account participant’s limit is set to 100. If you want to join more participants then you have to upgrade your plan from free to business.

Clear Cache files

Sometimes cache files cause the error message- “You Can’t Join this Video Call” on google meet. So you have to delete the cache files stored.

  • Click on the three dots on the top corner of the screen, and then click on History from the list.
Clear Cache files in Chrome
  • Now, click on the clear browsing data option from the right side of the appearing window.
  • After that, a new window will open, go to the advanced section and select all time from the time range section.
  • Check all the boxes, in our case, we didn’t want to clear the saved password. Now, click on the Clear Data button.
Clear Cache files to fix You Can’t Join this Video Call on Google Meet
  • This will clear all the cache files presented on your chrome browser.
  • Now, try again to join the meeting using Google Meet.

Update Time and Date on your System

If the meeting is scheduled for a fixed time and when you go to join that meeting with a wrong date and time, google detects it as wrong and can show you an error message. So before going to join any meeting using Google Meet, you have to check your system’s time and date once. If you find it wrong, set them first then after, try to join the meeting or conference.

Reset the Google Meet Link to fix You Can’t Join this Video Call Google Meet

To resolve the “You Can’t Join this Video Call Google Meet” or “You are not allowed to join this video call” error message, resetting the meet link is the best solution found by many users. So, if the issue persists yet, you can ask the organizer to send a new link to join the meeting.

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