Learn How to Create a Public Link for WhatsApp Group

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Hey! Do you have a WhatsApp group and you wanna grow it? But, adding persons one by one is quite bothering or irritating you. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to create a public link for your WhatsApp group. Now, a question will have come to your mind that how this will help me to grow my WhatsApp group? So, we also have an answer to this question like if you want to grow your WhatsApp group for any reason like maybe you want to expand your business, or you just want to create a group of people. 

In this situation, you don’t want to add people one by one, you will wish to do it more easily. This time, if you will have a public and sharable link to your WhatsApp group then you can share this link to your contacts and ask them to share it with their contacts too. You can send this link to your contacts by creating a broadcast. 

If you don’t know how to create a perfect broadcast on WhatsApp then go with the link to create one.

Note: You should have Admin of the Group for that you want to create a Public Link.

How to Create a Public Link for WhatsApp Group

Like the past year, in 2021, you can use the same methodology to create a sharable or public link of a WhatsApp group. Her is how:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Find your group for which you want to create a public link and click on it to open its profile page.
  • Now, when your group’s profile page is open, scroll down and you will see the “Invite Via Link” option. 
How to Create a Public Link for WhatsApp Group
  • Click on this option and you will get your Group’s link on the next screen.
 Create a Public Link for WhatsApp Group
  • From here, you can copy this link to send to your contacts, or you can directly send this link from this page by clicking on the share link option. You can share this link one by one or you can create a broadcast to share this link in just one click.

WhatsApp group QR code

WhatsApp also provides an option to produce the QR code for your WhatsApp group but this feature is available when you create the public link of your WhatsApp group using your phone. This feature is not available on Web WhatsApp, so make sure you are using your phone to create the link.

WhatsApp group QR code

When you share this QR code with anyone, they can join your group by scanning this.

WhatsApp group Reset Link Option

A reset link option is also provided by WhatsApp. If, in the future, you can change your link if you think that your group is being spammed or it has reached its maximum limit.

WhatsApp group Reset Link Option

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