How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 31 [Easy Methods]

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Disney +(Plus) is a very popular video, movie, game, and web series providing platform. This is quite famous as it has its own production house and regularly uploads new movies and web series and a lot of things to entertain its users. Mostly, the services of Disney + are all over the world, hence it deals in many languages too. Some users are getting an Error Code 31 on their Disney + (Plus) account. This error code is bothering the users as it doesn’t allow them to watch anything on Disney Plus. 

If you are also getting this error code on your screen, then don’t worry, we have collected some very useful data in this guide. We are quite sure that this data will help you to fix this error code.

What is Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31?

Disney Plus Error Code 31 represents that the app is not able to verify your location, or maybe any installed VPN software is blocking or has selected some other location where the services of Disney + are not available.

So, this was the reason for getting this error code and now, we will talk about the solutions. Don’t leave this article from here as you can miss some useful tips to resolve this error code. Read this guide full to be master to resolve this error code.

How to Fix Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31?

As we have discussed above that this error code is appearing due to the issue in verifying the proper location, we have explained some very useful tips to resolve your Location problem. Here are some methods by which you can set your location to the proper one.

  • Enable the Location Services.
  • Disable Your VPN If Any.
  • Use Different VPN Server.

Enable the Location Services

If you know how to enable location services on your phone then you can do it on your own but if you are not, then follow these steps to do it properly.

  • Open Settings on your Mobile.
Enable Location to fix Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31
  • Scroll down and find the Location option.
How to Enable Location in Android
  • Now, click on the Location option.
  • Next, click on the toggle to turn your location on if it is off.
Enable Location
  • To check if Disney plus is allowed to access your location or not, click on the App permission option present below.
Check App permision
  • Now, you can see here the location is allowed to the Disney plus app, and you can also see all the applications which are accessing your location from here.
Enable location to fix the Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31

Disable Your VPN If Any

The second method is to disable your VPN if you are using any. Sometimes, VPN software is set to the location where Disney plus services are not available. So if you are using any VPN software, you should disconnect it to fix the Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31. You have to do this because Disney plus provides a geo-restricted service, and that means it can’t be accessed from anywhere.

Once you disconnect your VPN software or application, this error code should be resolved. You can check by reopening the Disney plus app.

Use Different VPN Servers

Above, we have discussed that you should disable your VPN, and now we are telling you that you should use a different location using your VPN application or software. Both things have their own meaning, the above one was when you are located in the location where the Disney plus services are available and you have selected any other location.

Now, we are telling you to use a different location by using your VPN app or software if you are located where the Disney plus services are not available

Alternate Method:

You can upgrade your VPN to its paid plan or you can install Opera Browser. Opera Browser comes with its in-built VPN service.

That’s all about the Disney Plus(+) Error Code 31. We have tried to explain all about this error code in this article. Hope this article will help you to fix this error code. Thanks…

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