Shudder Error Codes: A List With Causes & Solutions [2024]

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Are you facing a Shudder error code while trying to stream something? Don’t worry, this guide has a list of Shudder error codes and their possible solutions too. So, to fix your Shudder error, you just have to look through this guide.

Shudder is an online over-the-top streaming service owned by AMC Networks. If you love horror, thriller, and supernatural fiction titles, Shudder could be one of the best choices. Like a lot of streaming platforms, Shudder also has some errors that users face- during their streaming journey or when they just open the platform and try to stream something. 

Shudder Error Codes

Shudder Error Codes are an indication that there is something wrong with the platform that is preventing you to access your selected content or platform. 

If you are getting an error code while streaming Shudder content on your LG Smart TV, Samsung TV, Xbox, Mobile, or another device, read this guide and fix that.

Shudder error code 2027 or 2027-404000-000

Shudder error code 2027 or 2027-404000-000 is one of the most common errors that users are facing during the streaming of Shudder content. This error code appears when users select any content on the platform and try to stream that. Appears along with this text- “Failed to Play”.

The most common way to fix Shudder error code 2027 or 2027-404000-000 is to force close the Shudder and then clear its cache. 

Alternatively, you can check your internet connection, restart your device, reset your internet connection, power cycle your internet device and the streaming device as well and lastly uninstall and reinstall the Shudder app.

Shudder error code 1500-000000-000

Shudder Error Codes

Shudder error code 1500 or 1500-000000-000 appears with the text- “The operation couldn’t be completed. (MetadataAPI.ErrorResponse error 0.) 1500-000000-000.” This error code usually relates to the account issue. To fix this error code, ensure that you are logged in with the account on which you have taken the subscription, and at the same time, check the Shudder server status.

Alternatively, you can force-stop the Sudder app and clear the app cache, uninstall and reinstall the app, and the Suder app error code will resolve.

If these steps fail, contact Sudder support.

Shudder error code 2013-200000-318

Shudder error code 2013-200000-318 prevents videos, movies, and shows from loading. This can appear for PC, mobile, or browser users. To fix this error code, check your internet, check your subscription, force close the app and clear the app cache, restart your streaming device and internet device, disable VPN, disable Antivirus software, and uninstall then reinstall Sudder.

If these steps fail to help, contact Shudder support.

Shudder error code 2014 or 2014-200000-312

Shudder error code 2014 or 2014-200000-312 mostly plaguing FireStick users. However, force closing the app and clearing the app cache, most of the time, fixes this error code.

So, if you are facing this error code, just force close the Shudder app and clear the app cache. After this, relaunch the app and the error code will be resolved.

Besides these, check your internet connection, power cycle your internet device, restart your device, and uninstall then reinstall the Shudder app.

Some Other Shudder Error Codes

a). Shudder error code 2000

b). Shudder error code 2011

c). Shudder error code 2500

d). Shudder error code 2037

To fix Shudder error codes 2000, 2011, 2500, and 2037, force close the Shudder app on your device and then clear the app cache. Clearing cache, most of the time fixes these errors, while additionally, you can check your internet, power cycle your router/modem, restart your device, relaunch the app, and if nothing helps, reinstalling the Shudder app will solve the issue.

Wrap-Up Texts…

If you are getting another Shudder error code that is not in this guide, tell us. We will include that error. 

We also request that you share your opinion. 

Tell us, which Shudder error was triggering on your screen, and which step helped you to fix that.

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