AMC App Not Working: Simple Ways to Fix

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Is the AMC app not working? Are you facing a black screen or white Screen or AMC app keep crashing? Is the app not loading or do you have a login issue? Don’t worry, these all questions will be answered in this guide.

AMC is a platform where you can watch TV shows, and movies and get entertained. Some users may face issues with its app.

Let’s see what is the issues and how you will solve them- if the AMC app not working.

Fix: “AMC App Not Working.”

Do a Simple Restart 

It’s very simple but, can prevent many temporary issues that can happen with the AMC app. So, if the app is facing any temporary issue, close it and restart your device. 

Launch the AMC app again and see if the issue has been gone or is still in the existence.

Switch Your Internet Mode

If the app is facing an issue when you are using your mobile data, switch to a Wi-Fi connection. Or if the issue is happening with Wi-Fi, switch to the mobile data.

Alternatively, on your mobile device, you can turn ON/OFF airplane mode to soft reset your internet connection. 

Restart Your Internet Device

If you are on your Wi-Fi connection, restarting your router may fix issues with the AMC app- if the issue is due to an internet connection. 

Restarting the internet device provides a second chance to establish a connection between your device and the router.

So, if the connectivity issue was the culprit, that will resolve by doing this.

Check for Server Issues

AMC App Not Working

Servers should be up and running, but they can be shut down temporarily. Sometimes, this could happen from the AMC due to maintenance work. While sometimes, servers may face downtime when a lot of users land on AMC at the same time.

So, check whether the AMC servers are up or down. Wait for some time and relauch the app when the AMC developers fix the issue.

Logout and Re-Login

Log out from the AMC app and then re-login, this will fix the issues with the AMC app.

Logging out and logging in again will provide a new session that can resolve the issue with the AMC app. 

So, go to your profile and click on logout. After that, log in again and see if the app has started working or not.

Clear App Cache

Generally, when there is an issue with the AMC app, clearing the app cache resolves the issue. So, to fix the issue with the AMC app, clear AMC ap cache.

For Android users, access Settings >> search for AMC app >> click on that and tap on clear cache. The AMC app cache will be cleared and the issue will be resolved.

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> search for AMC App and then click on that >> Tap on iPhone Storage >>  Next, click on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall AMC app.

Note: Steps could differ from device to device.

Uninstall and Reinstall AMC App

To fix the issue with the AMC app, uninstall it and then reinstall a fresh copy. Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling will fix the issues with the AMC app.

So, first, clear the app data then delete the app from your device. After that, install it again and check if the app has started working or not.

Update AMC App

If you are using an older version of the AMC app that is not been updated for a long time, then the app may stop working.

So, update the AMC app with the latest version because doing this will fix the issues with the AMC app.


To fix “AMC App Not Working”, check your internet connection and uninstall then reinstall the AMC app. This will fix the issue with the AMC app and the app will start working again.

Alternately, there is a chance that the application has some bug in it. So, updating the app to its latest version will resolve this issue.

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