How to upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant

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Upgrading weapon in any game makes you a good player as you can use them to cross the levels of the game. In NieR Replicant, users are getting this quite difficult as they don’t know How to upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant. This game has released its latest version recently, and players are enjoying playing this new version. Somehow, they are unable to upgrade their weapons or you can say they didn’t get a user guide related to this. In this guide, we will explain how players can upgrade their weapons. 

How to upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant

NieR Replicant is an action game, so it becomes very important to upgrade your weapons if you want to beat big bosses or you want to move to the next level. Upgraded weapons make you mighty in the game and provide strength to fight better. Unfortunately, many players didn’t know how they can upgrade their weapons in the game.

If you are in the initial stage of the game, you will not get the option to upgrade your weapon. To get the up-gradation option you have to position yourself in the half of the NieR Replicant game. This game provides a lot of quests, doing those quests you get rewarded, and those rewards help you to upgrade the weapons in the game. 

How to upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant

Note: Most of the resources in the game are available to purchase but to do so, you have to collect coins, or you have to earn the coins in the game. Some resources can be obtained by doing fishing and catching a variety of fishes including the Sandfish

As you cross the half of the game and you will reach the heap of the garbage, you will get two brother’s ordnance. Here you can upgrade your weapon by using a minimum of two resources. As more resources you have, you can use them to upgrade more and more weapons. 

So basically the conclusion is that you have to collect more and more resources if you want to upgrade your weapons in the game. But in this guide, we have told you the place where you can use your resources to upgrade your weapons.

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