How to get sandfish in NieR Replicant

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NieR Replicant’s new version has been released and this game is getting popular among gamers. Many users don’t know How to get sandfish in NieR Replicant, for those, we released this guide. If you are also searching for this, then this guide will help you to find the correct answer to your question.

Sandfish is a type of fish in NieR Replicant that you can obtain by doing fishing in the game. Here in this guide, we will explain how you can do it and also explain how you can complete the next phase of the quest by tracking, grabbing, and collecting three sandfishes. 

How to get sandfish in NieR Replicant

If you want to get sandfish in NieR replicant, then you have to complete the fisherman’s quests at the seafront, and also you have to improve your fishing skill level. To catch or get sandfish in NieR Replicant, you just need a simple bait. If you have gold, then you do not need to waste them on buying bait as we told you, you can do this with a simple bait.

As the sandfish is located at the sandsea, you have to do fishing in this sea. You can use Lugworm, Lure, or Sardine baits and the nibble pattern Hook, to do fishing. You should do fishing to the nearest spot where you can travel your boat fastly. 

Once you reach the dock, you can start fishing by throwing your rod. Catching three sandfishes is quite tricky as many other fishes are also available here. So you have to catch a sufficient number of fishes here, and you will find sandfishes among them.

As you get sandfish, you should press circle if you are playing this game on PS or B if you are playing on Xbox to reel and then pull them. 

Following this guide, hope, you were able to get the sandfish. Thanks…

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