How to Find Crystals in Nier Replicant New Version

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Crystals in the New Version of NieR replicant play a crucial role- if any player wanted to upgrade his weapon in the game. But some of the players are not able to find them in the game and getting worried about this. Here in this guide, we have explained where you can get these crystals and use them for the up-gradation of your weapons in the game. 

As you know crystals play an important role to upgrade your weapon in the game, that’s why finding them becomes more important. Finding them is not an easy task as they are very rare but possible. If you are worried about this, this guide will help you out to vanish your worry.

How to Find Crystals in Nier Replicant

If you want to find the crystals in NieR Replicant then, you have to go to the Barren Temple north of the facade. Also, you can find crystals if you have gold coins.  But you can do this if you have crossed the first half of the game and you are in the facade. Purchasing crystals cost 2400 gold coins.

How to Find Crystals in Nier Replicant

The cost of the crystals is quite more but, if you will complete the side quest, you will get 7600 gold coins which are more than the cost of the crystals. After getting crystals you can use them to upgrade your weapons in the game. If you don’t know How to upgrade weapons in Nier Replicant, then read this guide by visiting the link.

Uses of Crystals in the Game 

Crystals have many uses in the game as we have told above, you can use them to upgrade your weapon. But you can use them too, to the sidequest the King’s mask. King’s Mask is a sidequest but if you completed it, you will be rewarded with plenty of gold coins that you can use in the game for many purposes. When you completed King’s Mask sidequest you will get 10000 gold coins.

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