Fix Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80070520 in Windows 10

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If you are trying to login into Windows Store or use Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Windows Store apps like Xbox, Ultimate Word Games, and you see Error Code 0x80070520 on your screen. This error can bother you. This error code occurs while installing any updates or updating any software. Sometimes, this error code appears on the very first installation; in this article, we will discuss the best possible methods to fix this Error Code on your Windows 10 PC.

Reason of Error Code 0x80070520

Mostly, this error code is triggered by the damage in the Windows update components. This error code can affect the opening of apps, the update process, and the Windows Store. Don’t worry, this error can be resolved, and you can log in to your Microsoft Store and download the updates or new applications.

Methods to Fix Error Code 0x80070520

You can fix this error by two very easy methods.

  • Using the Setting Application.
  • By deleting Windows Store Cache.

By using these two methods, you will be able to fix this error from your computer. So, let’s begging with the first method:

Using the Setting Application

Windows setting application is a very useful application and this will also help you to fix Error Code 0x80070520 on your computer. To fix this error with the Setting app, please follow the following steps:

Step 1.  Open Windows settings by using the Windows keyboard shortcuts– “Windows +I.” 

Step 2. Now, the settings window will appear in front of you, Click on the Update & Security option from here.

setting application

Step 3. After clicking on the Update & Security option a new window will open. Now, click on the Troubleshoot option from the left side of the appearing window. 

Step 4. From the right side of the window under the Find and fix other problems section, make a click on the Windows Store Apps option.

Step 5. Now, click on the button named – Run the troubleshooter.

Troubleshoot window

This troubleshoots the problem and repairs the issues on your computer. Now, you can try to login into  Windows Store and it should work properly. But, if you are still facing problems, you can go with the 2nd method.

By deleting Windows Store Cache

Sometimes, the cached files in Windows Store cause the error code 0x80070520, and clearing these cache files can fix the problem. These are some steps given below to clean cache files:

  • Press the Windows button to Start.
  • Now, type wsreset in the search bar.
  • Do a Right-click on wsreset.exe, then select Run as Administrator.
  • This process will clean the Windows Store cache.

Please don’t press anything while the command prompt is running. When it is complete, Windows Store will open, and you have to restart your PC to save all changes. 

I hope! These methods will help you to fix error code 0x80070520 on your Windows 10 computer. Thanks…

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