myAudi App Not Connecting to Car [2023]: Here is How to Fix

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Is myAudi App Not Connecting to Car? This guide has been introduced to resolve this issue, so feel glad and read this guide to resolve the issue for you.

Using the myAudi App, you can access many features, such as you can check the fuel in your vehicle and also, you can start the vehicle remotely.

In myAudi Application, there are many other features too. Using the myAudi app, you can locate your vehicle, lock/unlock your vehicle remotely, or get an update for real-time traffic. Due to such types of features, vehicle owners are much hanging on the myAudi app.

However, some users have reported frequently that the myAudi App Not Connecting to Car, resulting in the users being unable to use the application to avail of all the features of the app.

Assuming this is your issue too, let’s see what steps you can perform and connect the myAudi app to your car so that you can easily use the application and get all its features.

Fix: “myAudi App Not Connecting to Car.”

Restart Your Device

This could be a very simple solution- if the issue is due to a temporary glitch. You just have to close the app on your device and then, restart your device.

After this, the issues should be gone and the connection should be established properly.

If not, move to the next workaround, and try it.

Reset Cellular Connection

This step will fix the problem- if it is due to connectivity. To reset your cellular connection, tap on airplane mode on your device and turn it ON. Wait for 15 seconds and then turn OFF it.

This will reset your cellular connection. Now, launch the application again and try it to connect with your car.

See, if this helps to resolve your issues or not, or still, the presence of the issue is the same.

Clear App Cache

myAudi App Not Connecting to Car

Corrupted app cache may also prevent the connection between the myAudi app and your car. So, clearing the app cache should be the next step to fix the “myAudi App fails to Connect to Car.” issue.

For Android devices: Go to the settings -> Tap on Apps-> Select Manage Apps-> search for myAudi app and click on that. Click on Clear Data and select clear all. Next again click on Clear data and select Clear cache and confirm your choice to complete the process. Now, restart your phone and try connecting the myAudi app to your car.

For iPhone users: Go to your iPhone settings -> Click on General tab -> Click on myAudi App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> Again Reinstall myAudi app. This will clear the app cache. 

Now, try connecting the app again and see if this time it connects properly or not.

Update the App

To check if the issue is due to an outdated version of the app, update the app to the latest version.

On your android phone, go to the system updater app and see if any update is available for the myAudii app. Install and check if this was the issue or if any other issue is going on with the app.

Note: The steps to update the app could differ according to the devices. You just have to update the app according to your device.

Log Out and Re-Login

This seems a very simple step but, sometimes, this simple step may solve the connection issues. So, go to your profile in the app and look for the sign-out option. Click on it and sign out from the app completely.

After that, login again and start connecting the app to your car. See if this step was a fruitful asset to you or not.

Reset MMI (Multi Media Interface)

To fix the myAudi app connection issue, reset the MMI (Multi Media Interface). To do this, press and hold the ‘Setup’ button on the MMI control panel. While holding down the setup button, find the button above the knob that is in the middle of the panel and press and hold it simultaneously. Next, while keeping both the prior buttons pressed, find the button that is at the top right side of the knob and press and hold it also. 

So, you have to press these three buttons- The setup button, the button above the knob, and the button right side of the knob. Press and hold these three buttons until you will see a message that confirms the reset process. 

Once, the reset is completed, try connecting your car again.

Reinstall myAudi App

Try reinstalling the myAudi app and see if this helps to fix the connection problem or not. 

On your device, delete the app and clear the app cache & data. 

After that, install it from the app store or play store and launch it.

Follow the process to connect the app to your car and see if this time, this is connecting properly or not.


If the myAudi App is Not Connecting to the Car, restart your device, reset the cellular connection, clear the app cache and update the app to its latest version. Additionally, logging out and logging in again, resetting MMI (Multi Media Interface), and uninstalling and then reinstalling the app could also solve the issue.

We are hoping that you have got your answer in this guide and that now your car is connected to the myAudi app.

Keep enjoying the benefits of the myAudi app and if this guide has helped you, share it with others or share it on your social channels. Thanks…

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