Wawa App Error Codes and Solutions [2023]: Complete Guide

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Wawa is a platform where you get many offers and deals for buying fresh coffee, foods, beverages, fuels, and a lot of things. The platform also has its app that is supported on almost all popular devices such as iPhone and Android. But, there are some Wawa App Error Codes too, that users face frequently. This guide has included those errors and their solutions.

So, this is not the time to get worried about. It’s time to solve the error code that you are getting using the Wawa app.

Why Am I Getting A Wawa App Error Code? 

Getting a Wawa app error depends upon a lot of factors. An unstable internet, a third-party app (VPN), corrupted app data, server downtime or maintenance, an outdated version of the app, or an outdated version of your device software can be considered as some of the main causes.

Wawa App Error Codes

Here, we are going to mention some Wawa app error codes and their solutions, have a look at this list and solve your error code from your screen.

Wawa app error code ev6002

The Wawa app error code EV6002 usually has an appearance when there are some connectivity issues. This error code says straightly- “There’s currently a connectivity issue with your device. Error Code ev6002.”

Wawa app error code Me0001

Wawa app error code Me0001 comes into existence when a connectivity issue is happen between the app and its server. This error code generally says- “There’s currently a connectivity issue with your device. Error Code Me0001.”

Wawa app error code ie5002

There is not much info about this error code, but you can fix this error code by doing the following steps:

  • Check your internet connectivity.
  • Clear the app cache.
  • Restart your phone and relaunch the app.
  • Disable VPN.
  • Check Server Status.
  • Update the App.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Wawa App.

Wawa app error code me4003

Wawa app error code me4003 indicates a connectivity issue and usually, comes into existence when there is a server issue or the app fails to connect to its server. A poor or unstable interment connection may also be responsible for the error code me4003.

Can’t sign into the Wawa app

A sign-in issue on the Wawa app usually occurs when your login credentials are wrong, your IP address has been blocked, your internet connection is broken or unstable, or there is any issue in the app server.

Wawa app error code 15

Wawa app error code 15 usually appears when your IP address has been blocked by the app firewall. Moreover, if there is any connectivity issue, the error code may appear.

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How to Fix a Wawa App Error Code?

Wawa App Error Codes and Their Solutions

To fix a Wawa App Error Code, follow the mentioned steps:

Check your internet connectivity

The first step that you should take whenever you are getting a Wawa app error is to check your internet connection.

A poor and unstable internet could be a house of errors. So, always use a speedy and stable internet connection so that the Wawa app can’t throw an error code.

Restart your phone and relaunch the app

This should be the second step that you would take. Sometimes, the error code could be due to a temporary glitch, and restarting your device and re-launching the app may solve that.

So, hard close the app and then reboot your phone. Now, relauch the Wawa app and see if the error code is still in existence or has been resolved now.

Don’t use a Public Network

Publick networks may have limitations on the use of any app. So, if you have sat in a public place and using the public network, don’t do this.

Publick networks are free but may have some limitations to use.

Use your mobile data or home network

Instead of using a public network, using your mobile data or your home network is a much better option to keep away a Wawa app error.

So, avoid using a public network. 

Clear the app cache

App cache may corrupt and can be a cause of getting a Wawa error code. So, clearing the app cache may solve the error code, and get back the Wawa app working again.

To solve issues with the Wawa app on iPhone: Go to iPhone settings -> General -> Click on Wawa App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> Again Reinstall Wawa App. Doing this, will clear the app cache and also install an updated version of the Wawa app.

If you are on Android: Go to settings -> Manage Apps ->  Search for Wawa App and click when it appears in the result-> Tap on clear cache, and confirm your choice. Also, to clear app data, click on data and confirm your choice. 

Note: Steps could differ depending upon your device model and software version.

Disable VPN

Another reason for getting a Wawa app error code could be a VPN. VPNs are helpful, but sometimes, may create issues.

So, if you have a VPN on your device, disable it. If you are using a proxy server, try to disable it. After this, check the status of the existence of the error code.

Check Server Status

Servers may go down due to a huge audience landing at the same time. Sometimes, the Wawa team itself may close the servers due to some maintenance work, temporarily. 

So, if you’ve applied all the steps and there is no change, check the server status. The servers could be down.

Update the App

See if any update is available for the Wawa app. An outdated version of the app could also be a culprit for getting an error code.

To fix an error code on your Wawa app, update the app to its latest version and see what is the result.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Wawa App

If all the steps do not reach a solution, uninstalling and reinstalling the Wawa app is the last resort.

After uninstalling or deleting the Wawa app, clear the app cache & data so that installing new files could not be hindered.

After clearing the app data & cache, reinstall the Wawa app and launch. See if this time the error is not bothering you.

If still, you have facing issues, contact Wawa Support.

Closing Texts

We hope you have got a solution for your Wawa app error. However, we have tried to put all Wawa App Error codes in this, but some could forget. 

If you have another error that is not in this guide, don’t hesitate to tell us. 

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