How to Fix Netflix Error Code m7111-1935-405001 in Windows 10

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Hey! Are you just streaming video or movies on Netflix and you encountered an Error Code m7111-1935-405001 on your screen and your video or Movie has stopped running? This code has appeared with an error message- something went wrong… Unexpected Error there was an unexpected error. One line is additional that is please reload and try again. As we all know that Netflix has a huge audience all over the world, and if any error occurred in it can bother many people including you. 

Recently some users encountering Error Code m7111-1935-405001 while they were streaming videos, shows, or movies. This error code doesn’t allow the stream of a video and still, there is no official announcement from Netflix related to this error code. But, do not worry, we some solutions to fix this error code, and we have explained them in this article.

Fix Netflix Error Code m7111-1935-405001

Don’t hesitate, just follow these solutions to fix the error code about which we are discussing. Here’s how to fix Netflix Error Code m7111-1935-405001-

Sign out and then sign in into you Netflix Account

Many applications do not recognize through a user id and password and so, Netflix too, sometimes and throws an Error Code m7111-1935-405001. So, sometimes, sign out and then sign-in becomes a good option to remove such type of error code. To fix this error code just sign out from your Netflix account by following these steps:

  • Go to the right corner of the official website and click on the Sign-out option.
  • Now, by entering your actual user Id and password click on the Sign-in button.
  • You will be signed in now.

Check your inbox for an Email from Netflix related to the Error Code m7111-1935-405001

If Netflix found some unusual attempts to log in or some problem with your used Id and password, it sends a mail to the registered account email address. Check your inbox with the registered email id, if Netflix sends an email to you related to the reset of the account password then follow the guideline and reset your account password to fix the Error Code m7111-1935-405001. 

You can clear your browser cache

Sometimes, the stored cache files play the main role to prevent the streaming of videos and movies on Netflix. So, delete or clear your selected browser cache files and history to prevent the error message. Below we are providing the methods to delete cache files from a different- different browsers, select your browser method and follow the steps to delete the cache files.

If You have Google Chrome: Click on the three dots from the right above corner of the Window, then click on the History option from the appeared menu, and then click on the History. (As shown in the figure)

Note- You can also click the keyboard shortcut– Ctr+H in to open the browsing history and cache files.

Now, from the history tab click on the clear browsing data. Make sure you have select- All time data.

clear browsing data (Chrome)

After selecting- all-time data click on the clear data button.

clear your browser cache all time data (Chrome)

If you are using Firefox: copy and paste the Url- about:preferences#privacy in the address bar then press Enter button> Clear Data> clear. Make sure both Cookies and Site Data, Cached web content checkbox is marked yes.

If you are a Microsoft Edge user: Press enter button after copying and pasting the following code in the address bar- edge://settings/clearBrowserData. Select all-time under the time range section. Click on the button- Clear Now.

Other Method:

You can change your browser because sometimes a specific browser does not support Netflix content. So, you can update your browser or if it not helps, change your browser. Finally, if any of the above methods do not help you you can go to the Netflix support or forum site to ask your concern.

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  1. None if this worked for me, although they’re all good starter troubleshooting points (I’d done all prior). I got this error on Edge, Chrome, Firefox….Netflix has a page in the troubleshooting now as of 11/18/2021 but unfortunately it just says:
    Netflix Error M7111-1935-405001

    We are currently researching this error to determine the right solution.
    To help us investigate, please contact Netflix Customer Service.

    Your input will help us get you back to watching Netflix.

    So, hopefully its fixed soon. I had just updated windows to 21h2 or some nonsense windows 10 upgrade, but I also upgraded several AMD drivers, in case anyone else who finds this has the same thing going on – could just need to revert windows

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