How to update Windows 10 KB4589212 for v20H2 and v2004

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Windows 10 KB4589212 Update: A new update for v20h2 and v2004 has been released by Microsoft on 26 Jan 2021. It is an Intel microcode update which has been first seen in Nov 2020 when the update package was released for the Window 10 version 20H2. Microsoft has revealed that this will be applicable for 10th gen Intel CPUs only but some previous report has promulgated its applicability with lower gen intel & non-Intel CPUs also. Modalities of updation are enunciated in succeeding lines:- 

(a) Those users who are seeking updates, will automatically get the update patch KB4589212 if enabled auto-update as communicated by the official site of Microsoft.

(b) The update can be made available through the inbuilt Window update page eventually and can be updated manually. But for manual updation, users should consult with the manufacturer or Intel before updation.

Windows 10 KB4589212 update for v20H2 and v2004 has the following features

(a) This will minimize the threat to security and will be more beneficial to mitigate  the performance-related issues caused by the company’s security-related policy.  

(b) Users may not be able to update the patch, if they have blocked Window update using the Registry editor as Microsoft is adhering to the norms of Windows Registry entries to block Windows 10 patches.

(c) Another patch in addition to version 20H2 and version 2004 is rolling out to the Desktops with version 1909, 1903, and older.  The users who are using older CPUs and Windows 10 may have to wait as no commitment has been made by Microsoft.

(d) Use Windows Update history to see a list of updates installed on your device in case you want to check if KB4589212 is installed. 

(e)  If you want to check the list then you have to do follow the given steps:

  • Open Settings then go to Update & Security.
  • Now go to the Windows Update option, and now, click on ‘View update history’ link.

Microsoft is going to launch an optional cumulative update to address general bugs and issues in the operating system. And this will be expected to fix Windows 10 KB4598242 issues, such as reboot loop, BSOD Error, and many other bugs.

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