Is the IHG App Dow or Not Working Today? You Should Do this!

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Is the IHG App Not Working? Are you unable to book your reservations? Do you have an issue with the IHG app like it is not loading properly, is stuck in the middle, login issue, or the app is crashing? Nothing to worry about, this guide is all about providing solutions for such types of issues.

If you love traveling or your profession involves travel, IHG can make it easy as it has thousands of hotels in its contact, and using this platform, you may book directly sitting in your home or office. 

IHG App Not Working

Users may face issues with the IHG app on their devices such as Android, iOS, or other devices. In fact, there are a lot of users who are facing issues with the IHG app. So, let’s see why, and also know the possible solutions. 

IHG App Not Working: Causes

There could be several causes why the IHG App Not Working including poor internet connection, corrupted data, a VPN, temporary glitch, server-side issue, and an outdated version of your device software or the app itself. In addition, compatibility issues also can be considered as a possible cause.

How to fix the IHG App Not Working Issue?

Restart Your Device 

Sometimes, the issue could be temporary, and doing a simple restart of your device and the app may fix the problem. So, if the IHG App is Not Working on your phone (iPhone, iPad, Android, or others), do a simple restart of your device and relaunch the IHG app. 

If the issue is temporary, this should fix the problem. 

Check Your Internet

A proper internet is a must to run any application on your device. So, if the IHG app is not loading, is Stuck in the middle, or crashing, check your internet. Maybe, your device has lost its connection, and as a result, you are facing such types of issues.

If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to your mobile data and vice versa. Alternatively, you can restart your router, reconnect your device, and relaunch the IHG app.

You can also enable and disable the airplane mode of your phone, and see if this helps to solve your problem or not.

Log out and Relogin

This is not very technical, but sometimes, doing this may solve the issues. So, open the IHG app on your device and go to the profile. Click on it and search for the log-out option. Click on logout.

After logging out properly, use your registered credentials and re-login. See if this time the application is not showing any issue.

Clear IHG app data

Sometimes stored app data and cache files may get corrupted and cause an issue. So, if the IHG app has stopped working on your phone, it’s time to clear the app data and cache files to get it back.

To fix the IHG app not working on iPhone: go to iPhone settings -> General -> Click on IHG App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> Again Reinstall IHG app.

To fix the IHG app not working on Android: Go to settings -> Manage Apps ->  Search for IHG App and click on that -> Tap on clear cache, to clear app data, click on data and confirm your choice. Now, the IHG App cache and data will be cleared. After this,  the issue should be fixed.

Note: Steps to clearing cache and app data may vary according to your device versions or models.

Check Server Status

IHG servers may go down temporarily. This could happen due to an extra load of traffic or due to some maintenance work on the platform. 

So, if you are facing an issue with the platform, this will be good if you check its server status. 

If there is a server outage, wait until the IHG developers fix it.

Disable VPN

VPN may block some app files and hence, you may face problems with the IHG app. So, if you are using a VPN on your phone, disable it.

After disabling the VPN, restart your phone and launch the IHG app. 

See if this helps to rectify the issue, or still, the IHG application is facing issues in running.

Check For Updates

An older version of the application may stop working all of a sudden. So, to fix the issue with the IHG app, update it to its latest version and relaunch it.

You can also check if your device software needs an update and install its latest update so that all the applications can perform smoothly.

Check Compatibility

If the app and your device are not compatible with each other, the IHG app may stop working, or in fact, it will even not start.

So, this is an important step and that is to check the compatibility. 

Always, install applications that are compatible with your device otherwise, you may face issues with the installed applications.

Uinstall and Reinstal the IHG app

Deleting and reinstalling the IHG app may fix the problem if nothing helps. Just delete the application, reinstall it, and launch it again.

Note: Make sure, after deleting the application, never forget to clear the app cache and trash memory from your phone. After clearing the cache and trash memory, install the app again and try to launch it again.


To fix issues with the IHG app, check for a stable internet connection, clear the app cache & data, and update the IHG app to its latest version. This should fix your issue and the IHG App should work fine. 

Additionally, check if there is any server outage, disable VPN, uninstall and reinstall the app, and if nothing works, contact support.

How to Fix Issues with the IHG Website? IHG Website is Not Working?

To fix issues with the IHG website, clear search history & browsing data, disable antivirus software, disable ad-blocker and other extensions installed on your browser, disable VPN, enable site notifications, and reset your browser settings. Try to switch your browser, if nothing helps.

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