Is the App Down or Not Working Today? How to Fix?

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Is the App Not Working or it is down today? Don’t worry, this is a very common issue, and luckily, there are very simple steps to perform with respect to fixing this issue.

A lot of users face issues with the app, so you are not an alone person. You just, have to read this guide and you will get a proper solution as this guide has enough steps to fix issues with the app.

Let’s start with the causes first. App Not Working: Possible Causes

If the App not working, then these could be the admissible causes-

Slow or unstable internet, low data mode, server issue, outdated or older version of the app & your device’s software, a VPN, corrupted app data, or compatibility issues.

Wrong date & time settings could also cause an issue and the app may become unresponsive.

Let’s see the fixing steps and how you will follow them if the app is crashing or not working.

How to Fix the App Not Working? app not working

Restart Your Device and Launch The app Again


This would be very helpful- if there is a temporary glitch. Restarting your device & application may solve the issue for you. So, as the first step, you should restart your device and relaunch the application.

But, make sure, before restarting your device, hard close the app on your device. 

Next, restart the device and relaunch the app.

See, if the issue is still occurring or has been resolved from the screen.

Give Necessary Permission to the app

To perform the app properly, the app will need some permissions and if you have blocked some, the app may stop working. 

Give the permissions to the app so that the application can perform without any interruptions.

Go to the settings and access the permissions section, from here, give the necessary permissions to the app.

Logout and Re-login

To fix the app issue, go to your profile and log out from your app account, and after that, re-login to the account. This should fix the issue and help to get back the app to its normal function.

If still app facing issues, try out the next steps.

Internet Connectivity Should be Checked


A proper and stable internet should be proper when you are using any app. If the internet is unstable, or it is connecting and disconnecting frequently, the app may stop working properly. 

So, check if you have stable internet or not and to do this, launch another app or launch the app on another device that is connected to the same internet.

If the app works properly, then the problem is not with your internet connectivity. Move to the next step.

Power Cycle Your Router

To fix the issue with the app, unplug your router from the power plugs, and wait for 3 to 5 minutes after that. Next, plug all the cables and power up your router.

After this, launch the application again and see if this starts working or not.

Restart Router

Press the power button on your router and restart it. Restarting your router may fix the issue with the app. When you restart your router, a new connection is established between your device and the router. 

Do this and see if this helps to fix the issues with the app or not.

Check Date and Time Settings

The date and time are set to the present and must be according to your region of residence. If the date and time settings are different or mismatched from your current location, the app may stop working.

So, check if the settings are correct or not. 

The time and date should be set according to your current location.

Clear App Data

To fix the app not working on iPhone: Go to iPhone settings -> General -> Click on App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> Again Reinstall app.

To fix the app not working on Android: Go to settings -> Manage Apps ->  Search for App and click on that -> Tap on clear cache, to clear app data, click on data and confirm your choice. Now this way App cache and data should be cleared. After this, the issue will be fixed and the app will start working.

Note: According to your device versions or models, steps to clearing cache and app data may vary.

Check Server Status


Servers of the platform should be up and working to perform the app without any issues.

So, if you are facing issues with the app, after applying all the above steps, the server status should be checked next.

If the servers are down or temporarily closed for any reason, wait until the team fixes it.

Disable VPN

VPN may point to the wrong location if it is enabled on your device. That’s why this should be disabled when you are using the app.

So, if you have installed a VPN on your device, disable it and try launching the app again.

Check, if this time the app starts working properly or not.

Check For Updates


The device software on which you’re using and the app version should be up to date to prevent the issues.

So, check if the application needs an update or not. Also, check if your device software is up to date or not.

Install the latest updates for the device software and the application itself and see if this helps to get back the app to working or not.

Check Compatibility

If the app isn’t working on your device, compatibility issues can be the main cause.

So, if you have just installed the app and it is not working on your device, a compatibility test should be done then.

There is a high chance that your device is not compatible with the application.

Uninstall and Re-install

To fix the app not working, delete the app from your device, and after that, reinstall its new and fresh copy.

Sometimes, just deleting the app and reinstalling it again may fix the issues. But, note that before reinstalling the app, clear the app cache and data.

Contact Support

If the issue is as it is, and no methods helped to fix it, contacting the app support is the final option for you.

Get in touch with them and tell them the exact issue that you are facing using the app. Wait until they look into the problem and provide you with a proper solution.


To fix the app not working on your device, check for stable internet connectivity, clear app data, check server status, and give the necessary permission to the app. If this doesn’t help, log out and re-login to your account, check for available updates, disable VPN, check time & date settings, check compatibility, and if all methods fail to help, uninstall and reinstall the app.

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