Amazon Prime Error Code 5503 [Simple Solutions to Fix]

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Usually, Amazon Prime streams flawlessly without any hurdle but, it may also show you an error code sometimes. Amazon Prime Error Code 5503 is causing a problem for users and preventing them from streaming their selected content on it. Let’s know more about this error code.

What is Amazon Prime Error Code 5503?

Error Code 5503 on Amazon Prime indicates an account issue and possibly arises due to wrong Geotargeting settings, corrupted application cache, or a bad internet connection. Clearing the application cache, checking your country settings, or troubleshooting your internet connection may fix this error code instantly.

This error code can easily be fixed but, many users are worried. So, if you are taking it a serious thing, go through this article, and you will be able to fix it on your own.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 5503?

The steps to fix this error code are easy to do and are mentioned below.

  • Troubleshoot your Internet connection.
  • Verify your Country Settings.
  • Clear Application Cache.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Application.

Troubleshoot your Internet connection

A good internet connection is always required to stream any content on Amazon Prime. So, when you are getting an error code during or before accessing any content on it, the first thing you should do is troubleshoot your internet connection.

Verify your Country Settings

  • Login to using your login credentials.
  • Next, click on manage your content and devices.
How to Verify your Country Settings on Amazon
  • Now, click on the preferences, and under the Country Settings, click on change. 
  • Now, fill out the form with the correct details and click on update.
  • Next, come to the device on which you were willing to stream, restart it, and try again.

Clear the Application’s cache

If you are using Amazon Prime on your Phone:

  • Click on Settings (Phone not the Application) > Apps > Manage Apps.
  • Now, search for Amazon Prime and click on it.
  • Next, look for the option Clear Data and click on it, a popup will appear, and click on Clear All data.
  • Now, restart your device, and start streaming your favorite show or video.

Note: If you are streaming on the web then, you should clear your browsing history as the web cache stores in your browsing history.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 5503

This step should be your last priority when the above-mentioned steps don’t help. Uninstalling and re-installing the application will definitely fix this issue and in case, if not, then contact Amazon Prime support for further assistance.

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