Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084 [How To Fix]

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If you hear that people spend 20 to 24 hours a week streaming videos, what will be your reaction? Well, I think, they do this to overcome their mental stress and for entertainment. But, some people are getting Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084 on their screens while they are trying to stream their favorite show or movie on it.

Watching movies, web series, and shows on Amazon Prime entertains and also reduces the stress of many people. That’s why the number of users of all online streaming platforms, including Amazon, is increasing day by day. 

If you want to fix these error codes, you should be with us till the end of this guide, and should also read all methods and points carefully.

What does Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084 indicate?

Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084 indicates that the Amazon server is unable to connect to your device at this time. Usually appears due to the server being down, a poor internet connection, or if you are using an outdated version of your device.

Don’t confuse with Error Codes 6085 and 6084, as both are the same and the solutions of both are also the same. So if you are getting any of these, you can follow the solutions mentioned in this guide to fix them.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084

Perform these workarounds if you wish to fix the issue:

First of all, Check your Internet Connection and Speed

A poor internet connection or speed may play the main role in getting Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084. So, if you are getting any of these error codes, you should check if your internet connection is proper or not.

To boost the speed of your internet, just restart your router disconnect other devices that are connected to it, and then try to stream your favorite video or show.

Check Amazon Prime’s server status

Error Code 6085 or 6084 usually indicate that Amazon Prime’s server is down. If it is, then you are not alone, who is facing this issue, in this case, you should wait until Amazon fixes it because this is from Amazon’s end.

Check Amazon’s Server

Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084

Try to Open the Application on a New Browser Tab

This error code usually appears on its application, so you can go to a new browser tab and open it here. If the problem is still appearing then, you should update your browser. 

Here we have provided a full guide on:

How to update your ChromeOS

You can follow this guide if you are using a Chrome browser.

Restart your Smart TV, if you are getting these error codes on your Smart TV

Some users may face these error codes on their smart TV as a smart TV allows users to use streaming applications on it. So if it is, then you should restart your TV to fix this error code as many times this fixes many issues. Unplug your TV and wait for 4 to 5 minutes and then replug it and ON it again.

Update Your Devices and Reinstall the Application

An old version device may also cause this error code so make sure you are using the application on an up-to-date device. If you found any new version of your device then, you should install this first, then try to watch the Amazon videos on it.

If the error is still appearing then, uninstall the Amazon application and re-install it.

Last Words: We have tried to provide the best and easiest solutions to fix Amazon Prime Error Code 6085 or 6084. If none of the above methods help you to fix the issue then you can try to contact Amazon Video Support.

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