Easy Ways To Reset Astro A50 Headset: Reset in Seconds

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The gaming experience goes awesome when you use a headphone like Astro A50. Many game lovers use this fantastic headset but, like many electronic devices, this also comes with many issues. The good thing is, sometimes, issues can resolve only by resetting your headset. If you are new and facing issues with your Astro 50 headset and also don’t know how you will reset it to fix the issue, read this guide, which is dedicated to the topic- How to Reset Astro A50 Headset in Seconds? 

The frequent issue a user may face with the Astro A50 headset is that the headset occasionally stops working. This is the case in which, resetting the headset- is one of the best solutions to get back working your headset. So let’s know what steps you have to follow to reset your Astro A50 headset.

How to Reset Astro A50 Headset? Try These Steps

How to Reset Astro A50 Headset

In the process to reset your Astro A50 headset, the first thing is to check whether the power switch is in the ON position or not, if it is off then turn it ON. Now, proceed to hold down both the Dolby button and the Game side of the Game/Voice balance, together. Now, for at least 15 seconds hold on to these buttons. This simple process will hard reset your headset.

Disclaimer: Hard resetting your Astro A50 headset will wipe out the custom settings that you have made for your headset before.

So, resetting your headset costs a price like it will take all the settings that you have made before but, if your headset is not functioning properly, this price should be payable to you. As this process is not free of cost, you should know when you reset your headset. Let’s know the situations when you should perform a reset of your Astro A50 headset. 

When you should try to reset your Astro A50 headset?

Now, you know how much or what is the cost of resetting your headset. So, knowing the situations when this has to be done, will be a great help for you. That’s why we have gathered some situations according to the user’s problem and the solutions. We hope you will be benefitted from these situations. Let’s see the list of a few situations when you need to reset your Astro A50 headset. 

  • The power light is not showing on your headset.
  • The headset sound is not working.
  • When your Headset dismisses the process to turn ON.
  • The Microphone fails to work properly. 
  • The headset fails to pair with your device.

These are only a few situations that are very common among users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Astro A50 Headset is not working? What to Do?

The Astro A50 mic may stop working because it’s disabled or not set as the default device on your device. If any other issue is with your headset, try resetting it and check if it starts working or not.

How do I reset the Astro A50s headset?

Here are the steps:

  1. Put the Astro A50 headset on its charging dock.
  2. Power ON your headset.
  3. Now, remove the A50s from the charging dock.
  4. Next, press and hold the Dolby and Game buttons together for 15 seconds.
  5. Now, place the A50s back on the charging dock.

How do I fix my Astro A50 with no sound?

Move to the bottom right corner of your screen and make right-click on the Volume icon and select the Sounds option. Now, go to the Playback tab and check if your Astro A50 is the default output device and shows strong signals or not. If no then, set it as a default and test the audio.

What does the star mean on the A50 headset?

The star on the Astro A50 headset indicates an audio pass-through mode.

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