PS4 error code WS-37117-9 – How to Fix it

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Are you irritated with PS4 error code WS-37117-9? 

PlayStation provides you with a high-quality gaming system but on the other hand, it’s also true that some kind of error disrupts the gaming experience and one of them is PS4 error code WS-37117-9. The reasons behind this error could be your unstable internet connection and minimal bugs and glitches. 

If start talking about the PS4 error code WS-37117-9, it’s generally a new update issue with some bugs and glitches because faced only the users who update the PS4 with the latest update. 

If you encounter this error then you have to verify your internet connection, restart your PS4, and restart your router also a method to rectify this error. 

If you don’t know how to perform these steps don’t worry we explain them to you in brief!

Troubleshoot PS4 error code WS-37117-9

Fix PS4 error code WS-37117-9

Validate your internet connection 

If your internet connectivity is shaky and unreliable then you may face this error, so make sure your following things- 

  • Cut off the unnecessary devices to your router that prevent the proper signal strength. 
  • Turn off or on your router to manage improper signal strength. 
  • If the problem is not resolved yet then switch to another internet source.

Restart Your Router 

Another possible solution is to restart your router can help you remove temporary bugs and glitches you just have to turn off your router, wait for a while, and then restart it.

Manage the IP address and DNS 

Changing your IP address and DNS settings can help to rectify the error, start following the given steps:

IP Address 

  • Navigate to Start option > Settings > Network & Internet 
  • Further, select local area connection > properties > Edit > Manual 
  • Go to IPv4, then type the IP address and save the changes.

DNS settings 

  • Navigate to the main menu > settings > network > set up Internet connection 
  • Then, choose Wi-Fi or LAN cable 
  • Now, select primary and secondary in DNS settings. 

Final Words

By performing these methods you can surely get back to your smooth performance and if in a scenario you persist with the PS4 error code WS-37117-9 then, it is recommended to contact the PS4 customer care executives for individualized assistance.

To get details you can visit the official website.

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