PS3 error code 80010514: How to fix it

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If you’re also a victim of the PS3 error code 80010514, then you’re at the right place where you can overcome this issue by using our comprehensive guide.

PS3 Error Code 80010514 is related to the disc, which means it is a disc read problem. So there is a probability that your system or disc is not able to connect properly.

Several factors contribute to this error, including hardware issues; maybe your game desk is dirty; and an issue with the PS3’s Blu-ray drive.

How to rectify the PS3 error code 80010514

Fix PS3 error code 80010514

Clean the Disc and PS3 Blu-ray Drive

This error might be a result of your dirty or damaged disc and also a PS3 Blu-ray drive. You can clean it by using a clean cotton cloth. Only get results with this method when there is no sign of damage and all.

Close and restart the PS3

To handle technical issues Restaring your PS3 is highly recommended by the users. Simply closing your PS3, waiting for a while, and then restarting your PS3 will help you resolve the problem.

Rebuild your database

Restoring the database of your PS3 will scan through the hard drive for any corrupt data, and it also fixes such.

Therefore, to restore the database of a PS3 system, its power button must be turned off completely and released after two consecutive striking sounds.

Once you hear two quick beeps, plug in your controller using a USB cable and select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option.

Restore the default settings

By restoring your default settings, you can easily erase any data that might be the cause of your problem. Follow the given steps to restore the default settings:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the system settings option.
  • Then, navigate to restore the default settings.
  • Further, proceed to restore.

Purchase a new copy

If nothing works for you it means you have to purchase a new copy of a disc to continue your workflow without any interruption. 


What should I do to solve the PS3 disc error?

If you encounter the error code 80010514 on PS3, then you can solve it by cleaning your Blu-ray drive and disc; erasing data might be causing this problem. 

What is PS3 error code 800010514?

Error code 800415b on PS3 is caused by your disc because either the disc or PS3 Blu-ray drive cannot read.

Bottom Line

At the last, we hope you can conquer your problem by using above mentioned methods but in a are you’re still in the middle then you can contact the PS3 customer care executives for further assistance.

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