Pandora Error Code 14 [Easy Methods To Fix]

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Are you a user who has frustrated with the Pandora error code 14 and looking for a solution that can help to resolve this error? Don’t worry, this is the place where you can explore this error and get the wished solution to it.

Pandora is a platform where you can explore your music listening interest as it provides amazing podcasts and music listening in it. 

Sometimes, your experience may get worst due to an error or any other hindrance on this platform. But, the good thing is if you are unhappy with the error code 14, you can get the solution to this error in this guide. 

If you are encountering other Pandora errors like error code 3002, Pandora error code 3008, or Pandora error code 3005, you can easily get solutions too.

Now, let’s understand why you are encountering the error code 14 on your device while using the Pandora app.

Pandora Error Code 14

Pandora Error Code 14 not only appears on a single device but is plaguing the users who have either an Android device or an iOS device. Users who are using this application on their browsers also face this error code. 

Error code 14 usually occurs when users try to stream or listen to their selected podcasts or the music from the music library. You can easily say that this error code is an indication that the connection is hindered for some reason, as a result, the user is unable to stream the music or the podcast for now. In most cases, corrupted cache files are the main culprit of this error code.

How to Fix Pandora Error Code 14?

Pandora error code 14 How to fix

The error code 14 does not have a specific solution yet, so the way is to try some simple workarounds that are going to be mentioned below.

Check Connectivity 

Connectivity with the internet is the most important thing when you are going to use the Pandora application. Without a good internet connection, the application may stop you to access its content. So the very first workaround is to check your internet connection.

Clear the cache 

The most common problem of getting the Pandora error code 14 is the corrupted cache files that might be stored on your device and creating a conflict between the app and the connection. Clearing these cache files could be a simple and easy-to-do solution to get rid of this problem.

Final Words

As the error code 14, does not have any specified solution- clearing the cache, restarting your device, checking the internet connectivity, Disabling the ad-blocker, and reinstalling the application are some simple tasks to troubleshoot this error. If still not satisfied or have not fixed the error code, contacting support should be your next choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pandora error code 14 frequently asked questions

How do I fix Pandora Error Code 14 on my Android Device?

To fix the error code 14 on your android device just-

  • Go to the Settings on your phone.
  • Now, go to the Apps.
  • Select the Pandora app from the list.
  • Next, click on the clear cache option and restart the phone.

How do I fix Pandora Error Code 14 on my iOS Device?

If you are getting this error on your iOS device then you can follow these steps to fix this:

Reboot your Device: Whether you are using iPhone or iPad, you just need to reboot your device and check if this helped to get rid of the error or still facing the error code.

Uninstall And Reinstall the Application: If the first action fails then, this could help as a solution. After uninstalling go to the apple store and reinstall.

How to clear the Pandora error code 14 on the browser?

Just try to update your chrome, clear browsing data, turn off the extensions that you are using with your browser, disable the ad blocker, and enable the Pandora within your firewall and antivirus software.

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