What is DoorDash Error Code 99? How to Fix It?

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Are you facing DooDash Error Code 99? Do you not able to place your order due to this error code? Here, right in this article, you will learn what is this error code and how you can easily resolve this in minutes.

DoorDash is an American company that deals with food ordering and food delivery. There are many offers and deals also available on this platform that users can avail of using DoorDash.

Sometimes, users may face errors while they are n the platform and trying to order their food items. This could be very frustrating but, digital platforms keep many issues and errors. So, getting an error is not a big deal, but knowing the right solution for that is.

So, if you have an issue with DoorDash and getting an error code 99, then read this guide and know in detail about this error.

What is Doordash Error Code 99?

Doordash Error Code 99 completely arises due to a server down or service outage in your area. This error appears with the text- “Unknown Error: 99.” Check the server status of DoorDash in your area by visiting this link and ensure the outage.

The servers of DoorDash could be under maintenance or down due to huge traffic at the same time. This could be the cause of getting error code 99 on your screen.

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How to Fix Doordash Error Code 99?

When DoorDash error code 99 appears, you would unable to palace your order, even the DoorDash app does not open, or show black/white or infinite loading screen. But, the process to fix this error is very simple. Let’s see.

Check Server Status Of DoorDash

Doordash Error Code 99

Mostly, error 99 on DoorDash appears due to a server issue. DoorDash servers may go under maintenance or face downtime due to huge traffic on the platform. So, the best way to fix error 99 is to wait, until DoorDash developers fix the issues with the server.

Besides this, some other steps can be performed to fix the error code, let’s see them.

Clear DoorDash Cache 

DoorDash cache & data may get corrupted and cause the error code 99 when you attempt to sign in to your DoorDash account. So, clear the DoorDash app cache and the error code will be resolved. 

For Android users, Go to settings >> Find DoorDash App >> Click on the clear cache option. The DoorDash App cache will be cleared.

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Tap on iPhone Storage >> Find DoorDash App and click on that >> tap on Offload App button >> Now, install the DoorDash app again.

Reinstall DoorDash 

If the issue or error is due to an outdated version or some buggy files, reinstalling the DorDash app will resolve that. So first, clear the cache & data and then delete the DoorDash app from your device, now go to the App store or play store and reinstall it. This will fix the error code 99 and the app will start working fine.

Final Words

We are hoping, that the error code 99 has been resolved now. However, this error code mostly appears due to a server outage, you can also perform some other steps too, and see if these steps help to fix the error or not. 

You can clear the app cache and uninstall then reinstall the DoorDash app.

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