Disney Plus Error Code 93: Simple Steps To Fix

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Although OTT platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime deliver a good dose of entertainment but sometimes, users may face errors on them. Many users these days facing Disney Plus Error Code 93 and looking for a solution to this annoying issue. If you are from the list of these users and also searching for a guide that will tell you the right steps to rectify this error code then, this webpage is for you.

Disney Plus Error Code 93: What It Is?

Disney Plus Error Code 93 is a streaming error like error code 91 and error 92 that arises when users stream something on the platform and the screen gets frozen when this error appears and users also get unable to stream anything.  The error code 93 indicates that Disney Plus has detected some suspicious activity like if you have shared your login parameters with another household’s account, or you have shared your account login parameters with others in a different household.

Before proceeding to its fixes, do you know the causes of getting the error code 93? If no then, here are some possible causes listed, have a look at this.

Causes of Getting Disney Plus Error 93

Getting back to your binge-watching on Disney Plus by fixing the error code 93 is good but, before that knowing the reasons could do your work easy more. 

As causes of getting error code 93, you can consider any of these:

  • Server Issue.
  • The application itself.
  • Cache Files and Cookies data.
  • Poor or Unstable Internet Connection.
  • An older version of the Application.

Now, you know the causes and this is the time to proceed to the fixes that will resolve this error and get back to you to the platform.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 93?

Disney Plus Error Code 93

As the causes of this error code are listed above, let’s solve those issues and fix the error. 

Check Server Status

The server of the application or platform may get down due to any reason. As the main reason for the down server, you can assume some maintenance work or too much traffic on the platform. Checking and verifying this could help you. Just head on to this link and see if many users have the same problem or not. Wait for some time and retry and see if this time error is not frustrating you.

Check your Internet Connection: Perform a Power Cycle

Error code 93 could be a result of a weak or unstable internet connection. So, just perform a speed test to check whether you have a good and speedy internet or not. If the speed is good enough and still you are facing the error then, performing the power cycle of your internet device (Router) could solve your problem.

  • Unplug the router from the power source.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and then, replug all the wires. 
  • Restart the router and see if this helps.

Update the Disney Plus Application

Check whether a new update has been launched for the Disney Plus application. If this is, then, update the application and try again. See if this time the error is not appearing and your streaming is not hindering.

Clear Cache and Cookies Data

According to the device on which you are accessing the application Disney Plus, clearing the cache and cookies data may fix the occurrence of the error code 93. The corrupted cache and cookies data may play a big role in getting the error code, and the error code could be solved after performing a clearing process.

Move on to another Device

If the error code 93 is still appearing then, change your streaming device and move on to another device. If you are using the platform on your browser then, you can move on to another browser and see if this helps or not. 

Uninstall and Reinstall the Application (Disney+)

As a last resort, uninstalling the application and reinstalling a newer version may solve the problem. Just close the application and uninstall it from your device. Now, install a new copy of it and try streaming on it and check whether these steps solve your issue or not.


To fix the Disney plus error code 93, check your internet connection, check server status, clear cache files, and update the application. Also, if these steps fail to fix the issue, move on to another device or browser, and at last, if nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall the application.

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