Set Wallpaper on LG Smart TV: Personalize the Home Screen

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Are you still thinking about how people set or customize their photos on their LG Smart TV? If yes then, this article is for you. In this, we will learn about – how to set wallpaper on the LG Smart TV. 

How to Set Wallpaper on LG Smart TV

How exciting it will be when – ‘we see our own or loved one’s photos on our TV screen. So, don’t get too late and start learning the process of this amazing feature – given by LG SMART TV.

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Step 1. Accessing The Settings Menu 

The first and foremost step to get closer to your personalized wallpaper is to access the settings menu. The settings menu is the control center for all the customization options available on your TV.

  • Grab your remote and turn on the LG Smart TV.
  • Press the home button ( represented by a house icon) 
  • Go to the top screen through navigation and search for the settings icon( cogwheel icon)
  • Press the OK button on your remote to access the settings menu.
  • There, you get more options like adjusting the picture setting, sound setting, network setting, and more.

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Step 2. Navigating To The Wallpaper Settings

This is the main option that helps you enter the world of customization of the wallpaper on your LG Smart TV.

  • Use the arrow button on your remote control to scroll through the options.
  • Search for the picture section and press the OK button.
  • It opens the submenu and then, you will get display-related settings.
  • Scroll down for the picture option.
  • Press the OK button on your remote to select this option.
  • Where you get a lot of options like brightness, contrast color, and other aspects of the display.

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Step 3. Selection Of The Wallpaper

Here you, get a chance to select the wallpaper as per your preference on your LG Smart TV.

Then, you get a subcategory for selecting- the wallpaper as per below – 

  • Gallery – It allows you to select wallpaper from the pre-installed collection of images, provided by LG Smart TV.
  • My Photos – If you want a personal touch, you can take your photos on the wallpaper with this option. For this connect the USB to your device and, give access to your photos then, select the photo of your choice.
  • Web Gallery – Some  LG Smart TV has this option to access an online gallery of wallpapers. Go to browse the available options with the help of your remote control and download the image as per your.

Step 4. Selecting a Wallpaper Image

So here we came, where you have to select a specific photo for your LG Smart TV wallpaper from the given subcategory – 

  • Gallery – If you want to select the image from the gallery option, use the arrows on your remote control, to select an image from your gallery.
  • My Photos –  For this option you have to connect a USB cable to your device which has photos then, select an image of your choice and, press the OK button.
  • Web Browser – If you want an image from this option then, navigate to the browser with the help of your remote control and select the image for your wallpaper. 

Step 5. Adjust The Wallpaper Setting 

Now you reach the second last step where you have to adjust the wallpaper to, how you edit your photos on your mobile like how much brightness you want, how zooming is needed, and more.

Step 6. Applying The Wallpaper

After proceeding with all the steps, now is your turn to display your creativity or favorite photo on your LG Smart TV. For that you have to follow the given steps- 

  • Go to the wallpaper settings > Set as wallpaper > apply > press the OK button on your remote control.

Here is your LG Smart TV wallpaper customized as per your choice.

Note – Refer To User Manual

Remember you, may find different steps on your LG Smart TV according to your model, don’t worry about it. In this situation, you should consult the instructions in your LG smart TV user manual.

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Ending Lines

This is all about “How to Set Wallpaper on your LG Smart TV”. Why not enjoy this amazing feature if it is available on your LG Smart TV?  To give the personal touch to your LG Smart TV wallpaper is truly exciting and becomes an easy task as well when you follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide. If you get some different steps don’t worry about it consult the instructions given in your user manual.

In the end, relax and enjoy your favorite shows or movies!

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